By the time I had my second child, I had long since stopped using a diaper bag. So, when my second bundle of joy came, there were definitely big changes in what I thought I needed in my diaper bag.

With baby number 2 my philosophy is less is more.  I do not want to be weighed down with extra gadgets that I may not need! You really understand what is important and what you can live without.

What to Keep in Your Diaper Bag

What you should be keeping in your diaper bag, even as a second time mom


You may laugh, but I am totally over the diaper bag. I instead use a beach bag I got at Target for $2.50. It was so inexpensive that I bought two. The bag has one pocket and decent space. Although, it is not huge, that is by design. I am not looking to haul around a huge diaper bag again!

My point is that you can be creative, you DO NOT have to use a traditional diaper bag. Repurpose an old backpack or other bag you have around the house but are not using.

If you absolutely must get a new bag. Here are three that I love! (affiliate links 🙂

Diaper Bag Backpack, Multi-Function Travel Baby Nappy Bag, Large Capacity Nursing Bag with Insulated Bottle Pocket, Fashion Mummy Durable Stylish Roomy Waterproof for Baby Care by Ramhorn

Diaper Bag by Hip Cub

AISPARKY Diaper Bag, Large Capacity Diaper Tote Bag Nappy Tote Bag Stylish for Mom and Dad Convertible Travel Baby Bag for Boys and Girls with Coin Purse, Insulated Pockets

Diapers, depending on age the number varies.

  • Newborn I carried 10 – 15. Mainly because I was so tired and would forget to restock the diaper bag. It saves you from panicking when you are on a last-minute grocery run and dealing with a baby blowout.
  • Infant (3 months – 6 months) I carried 8 – 10, less blowouts (hopefully!) and fewer changes needed.
  • Crawler (6 months – 9 months) I carried 8 diapers
  • Almost walker / Walker (9 months – 1 year) I carry 6 and that is where I stand on diapers currently

Changing Mat

I use Maman Portable Changing Pad Station – Waterproof Cushioned Diaper Changing Mat Organizer for Baby Boys and Girls and I love it. It is portable and has all the features I need. It can be carried separately from your diaper bag for quick trips to the park or the store too! This is a total lifesaver. You could have one in your stroller, car, on your boat, at grammy’s. You get the idea!

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste(or other diaper rash cream/balm of your choice)

I like the maximum strength. it worked very well on my oldest and kept diaper rash at bay. (find it here). In my mind this is MUST have and makes a great baby shower gift too!

Diaper cream brush

They did not have this when my oldest was a baby, but it is so wonderful to have. I have one at home and one in the diaper bag. You can get one here. it keeps your hands clean from the diaper cream, applies it evenly,

Clothes, depending on ages this varies too

  • For a newborn I carried 3 – 4 outfits (not the socks, rare that a blowout gets the socks 😉
  • For an infant (3 months to 6 months) I carried 3 outfits
  • For a baby (6 months – 1 year) I carry 2 outfits


I always pack myself a snack. Usually a protein bar like this or this. I also pack a small skip hop lunch bag with a bottle and if the baby is old enough a pack of food with a spoon, bib and napkin.

Dirty Diaper Bags

Depending on whether you use cloth or regular diapers, the type of bag for diaper may vary. Here is what I used with my oldest, I used cloth diapers. Here is what I used with my youngest, I did not use cloth diapers this time around. Both work well for what they are. The nice thing about the Itzy Ritzy is that it could be used for a wet swim suit too!

Hand Sanitizer!

You never know when you will have to change a diaper and not have easy access to water.

Well, that is everything I keep in my diaper bag and all you really need! It is a lot less than with my first, just the essentials. I do still carry a purse so I have a lot of other needed items in there like tissues, a first aid kit, sunscreen, lotion, nail clippers, etc.

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Here is what you need in your diaper bag, even if you are a second time mom.


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