After my first pregnancy, I gained over 80 POUNDS throughout the pregnancy. It. Was. Brutal. Nothing fit. Nothing felt good. I was exhausted. I needed to lose weight, but I had no idea where to start!

I was beyond frustrated and so tired, as my new baby was not sleeping!! But, I digress.

While I attribute most of my weight loss to changes in diet (smoothies for breakfast, more veggies, and fruits, etc.) a big part of my personal weight loss was getting out and walking every day.

How did I Start a Walk to Lose Weight Program?

At first, I would just walk with my little one to the park and back, about a mile in total. That lasted a few months. Then I would walk the long way to and from the park, about 2 miles in total.

Finally, I started walking for 30 minutes every day at work, took the stairs at the office, and then walked to the park, and downtown to get my coffee and back.

The miles I was walking really started to add up and the pounds started to fall off. Between the extra walking, then eventually beginning to jog every day, adding weight training 3-days a week for 15 – 20 minutes, and way better management of what I was eating, I lost nearly 65 pounds over 18 months.

I did not drop the weight quickly, this was not a gimmick, but because of the slow progress I made, I kept the weight off.


How Many Steps Should I Walk Every Day to Lose Weight?

While there is no set number for how many steps you should walk in a day to lose weight. The original rule of thumb is 10,000 steps per day. 

This may not be enough or it may be too much, depending on how many steps you are actually getting! If you have an office job like I did, then you may only be walking 2,000 – 5,000 thousand steps a day with no added movement.

So more than doubling it to 10,000 can yield results. This assumes that you keep it up over an extended time, however. 

Is It Better to Walk in the Morning or at Night?

In truth walking in the morning can give you extra energy for the day. It helps you to make better choices and sets your intentions for the day. However, a study conducted in 2019 indicated that a walk in the evening can help with reducing hunger and did not affect sleep. 

I personally, walk in the morning and in the evening to get the best of both!

Is Walking Better Than Running?

The reality is that running will burn more calories than walking. However, running is hard on your joints and can be very hard to maintain when you are just starting your fitness journey. I found that running also increased my appetite (this is anecdotal for me and may not be true for you). So I prefer walking to lose weight as it is easier to keep up with less risk of injury. 

Why Might Walk to Lose Weight Work For You as an Exercise Program?

There are several reasons to consider a walking program.

  1. It is easy on your joints.
  2. You do not need any equipment to start.
  3. The distance you start out with can be as little as one-quarter of a mile at a time.
  4. Any age can complete a waking program.
  5. There is no time limit. You can complete 10-minute blocks until you can walk longer.

The more you walk the longer and faster you will be able to go.

That coupled with a sensible diet (no, not going on a diet, but the kinds of foods you habitually eat), will eventually help you with your weight loss goals.


To help facilitate that, I created a simple chart for walking daily. You can click on the link below to download it. Once you have made it through eight weeks, keep up the good work.

You Gotta Move It To Lose It (8-Week Walking Program)

I continued to walk for well over six months and then converted into a runner/jogger. Whatever you do just move!

Walk to Lose Weight – Getting Help with Accountability

Another thing that really helped me with my weight loss goal was my Apple Watch step tracker. But, really any step tracker will give you an idea of the number of steps you take each day. 

This device helped me to see when I was sitting too much and of course if I was meeting my total steps goal. If I was not near it by the end of the day, then I knew that I would need to take a long walk in the evening. It really helps you plan!

Then at the end of the day write it down using the Simple Fitness Planner.

Use this Simple Fitness Planner to plan your meals, track your macros, plan your workouts, track your steps, and more.

This planner is perfect for both beginners and those with experience in meal and workout planning.  

If you want to start a walking habit, tracking it is a great way to keep yourself accountable.

How can you improve your walking? By doing it every day. Using this Simple Fitness Planner can help you track the days you walk and help you build up the habit.

How can you enjoy walking again? By making it a consistent habit you can start to enjoy walking again. It also helps to walk for a purpose – to the post office or store, for example. Or, walk with friends or relatives. Make it a family thing! 

Use this Fitness Planner to track yours steps, macros, meals, workouts and more.

Use the Simple Fitness Planner to help you do just that.


Not ready for a full fitness planner? Check out this Walking Tracker below.



Free Downloadable PDF Walk to Lose Weight Program:

You Gotta Move It To Lose It (8-Week Walking Program) 8-Week Walking Program - Walk to lose weight





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