Use this simple to follow walking program to start your weightloss journey.

Walk to Lose Weight with this 8-Week Walking Program

After my first pregnancy, I gained over 80 POUNDS throughout the pregnancy. It. Was. Brutal. Nothing fit. Nothing felt good. I was exhausted. I needed to lose weight, but I had no idea where to start! I was beyond frustrated and so tired, as my new baby was not sleeping!! But, I digress. While I […] Read more…

20 Min Workout #3

20 Minute Workout: Workout #3

This week is week number 3 of my 20 minute workout quick exercise program. If you are looking for 20 minute workout 1 and 20 minute workout 2 you can check those out first. Do them in any order you please! They are meant to be alternated during the week. These 20 minute workouts are […] Read more…

Want to start running but have not clue how to get going? Try this free 8 week walk to run program and you will be running in no time!

8 Week Run to Walk Plan

In this weeks spotlight on health I am going to keep it short and sweet. Spring and Summer are just around the corner. It is time to get out and move. This 8-Week Walk to Run program is a great way to get started! If you are couch potato, then this slow program is made […] Read more…