71 Great No Spend Weekend Ideas

Since the moment I knew that baby number two was on its way, I became hyper aware of how much we were spending as a family of 3. I was very concerned that our spending habits, which in my opinion, were out of control (they are better but we are still a work in process) […] Read more…

Saving for a New Home- Tips to Achieve it

Saving for a Home

Are you thinking about buying your first home (or your first rental home?!)? I remember when I got out of college. The job market was a mess, homes were way too expensive, and my student debt was too high. My husband was just starting school and we thought the dream of owning our own home […] Read more…

Saving money - simple ideas to get your savings journey started

Saving Money – Ideas to jump start your savings

Saving money is always a hot topic, no matter your income or budget, everyone needs to save their hard-earned funds! At the beginning of each year, I always try to find something that I can do to achieve an improved financial situation. There are a few simple changes you can make to start saving money […] Read more…

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