Vacation Savings Club- Start Saving Today with these simple steps

Vacation Savings Club- Start Saving Today!

Before you know it spring will be here. The start of spring means a few things to me – warmer temps, flowers, later sunsets, the end of the school coming soon, and of course SUMMER VACATION. With summer vacation, comes the need for funds to pay for said vacation. In comes Vacation Savings Club to save […] Read more…

Using these simple tips you to can make $300 in gift cards a year

How I make $300 a year in Gift Cards

If you are anything like me, you probably like to find ways to make a little extra money in a side hustle. Of course if you are working a full-time or even two-part time jobs you may not feel like you have any more time to give to money-making efforts. One thing I found I […] Read more…

Simple ways to repurpose your bonne maman jars

Bonne Maman Jars- How to Repurpose

I am a total sucker for an adorable glass jar and the Bonne Maman jars are at the top of that list! They have wonderful tablecloth like lids in red or blue or purple. I love the sizes they come in from their tiny travel jars to the full size, perfect for a drinking cup. […] Read more…

Reevaluate Your Budget Today

Why You Should Reevaluate Your Budget

So you created a budget and are working to follow it as best you can. It is going pretty well and you are like, yes, awesome!!! I am working to meet my financial goals. Then WHAM. Life happens. Now your budget does not work or maybe worse you are deeper in debt. It feels like […] Read more…

Easy to make last minute teach gift- emergency stash

Simple Last Minute Teacher Gift

School will be starting soon and while you are preparing your kids to go back, your teacher has been hard at work getting the room ready, writing lesson plans, and getting ready to start the new school year off right. Making a Teacher Gift is an awesome idea! What better way to show thanks than […] Read more…

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