Great gift ideas for under $20 so you can stay in budget this Christmas!

Budget Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Are you ready for the holidays? There can be a pretty long list of things to get done before the big day gets here. In my home it includes getting the lights on the house up, putting the tree up, getting the house decorated inside, mailing Christmas cards, visiting Santa, making dishes for events, attending […] Read more…

Use these great ideas to cut costs and save a ton of money in your budget. There are even some ideas to make money!

100 PLUS Ways to Save Money and Live Frugally

I recently read an article that said about 40% of Americans are not able to cover one of the basics. That would be food, shelter, transportation. That really blows my mind and it also scares me a little bit. The reality is that most of us are one lost job away from losing everything – […] Read more…

Use these simple tools to clean and organize your play room without breaking your budget.

Play Room Dollar Store Organization Hacks

One big challenge in keeping your home clutter under control is keeping the play room toys at bay. In our home, we actually have a room that doubles as the play room and the family room. Since we have younger kids, we like to keep a bit of a better eye on them. 🙂 But […] Read more…

Free Printable Christmas Savings Plans - 3 kinds to choose from

Christmas Savings Plan with Free Printable

One of the best decisions I ever made to survive Christmas debt free was to start budgeting for it at the beginning of the year. When I was a kid, my Mom had a Christmas Savings Club account at her Bank. In this day and age, that specific banking product does not really exist. Instead, […] Read more…

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