Oui Jars

Simple to make Oui Yogurt Jar Candle Holders.

Oui Jar Valentine’s Day Candle Holders

Like most holidays during our year, Valentine’s Day is meant to be celebrated with your significant other and your close family. It is a cozy holiday in my neck of the woods as the snow is falling and it is sooooo cold outside. Snuggling up with your loved one is a great way to spend […] Read more…

Simple Thanksgiving Craft - Oui Yougurt Jars

Thanksgiving Craft – Oui Jar Candle Holders

One of the most underrated holidays is Thanksgiving. Although its origins come from not such a wonderful place. The current holiday is all about things that are important to me – family time, being thankful for what we have, and of course food. That means an inviting table set up for your friends and family. […] Read more…