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Want to make a little extra money while exercising? Then these two apps are for you! Get paid to exercise.

Apps That Pay You to Exercise

Why is it every time I start an exercise program something gets in the way? Lack of time, motivation, or just the desire to eat ice cream and not be on a diet and exercise program. (Yes, I have all three of those desires almost all the time). But what can help motivate me to […] Read more…

Using these simple tips you to can make $300 in gift cards a year

How I make $300 a year in Gift Cards

If you are anything like me, you probably like to find ways to make a little extra money in a side hustle. Of course if you are working a full-time or even two-part time jobs you may not feel like you have any more time to give to money-making efforts. One thing I found I […] Read more…