Lunch Ideas

School Lunch Mix and Match Ideas

Starting school, whether you mean at the beginning of the school year or after one of the many holiday breaks that are built in, signifies getting back into the school routine, buying school supplies, and packing tasty and hopefully healthy school lunches. But that last one, particularity in my house is tough! Getting school lunch […] Read more…

Simple to make homemade gel air freshener with peppermint and rosemary essential oils.

Easy 10 Minute DIY Air Freshener Jars

Quick DIY Jar Air Fresheners One of my absolute favorite things is air freshener. I adore clean fresh scents that refresh you and your home. It is truly uplifting to breathe in a wonderful smell, especially in the winter, when you are shut in! But what I hate is all the chemicals the typical air […] Read more…

20 Min Workout #3

20 Minute Workout: Workout #3

This week is week number 3 of my 20 minute workout quick exercise program. If you are looking for 20 minute workout 1 and 20 minute workout 2 you can check those out first. Do them in any order you please! They are meant to be alternated during the week. These 20 minute workouts are […] Read more…

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