Do you remember what your summers were like when you were a kid? Playing outside, going to the park, visiting the zoo, spending time at the beach or lake. Basically being IN nature. It was pretty awesome (most of the time) and definitely something that I feel lacks in kids lives today. Yes, even my own kids. So I decided to compile a list of experiences I would like my young kids to experience, which you can use too in this free printable Summer Bucket List for Toddlers.

What is a Bucket List and Why complete one?

If you have never heard of a summer bucket list (or just a plain ol’ bucket list) before, it is really pretty simple. It is a list of experiences that you want to try. The adult version is items you want to do before you pass. Many people make bucket lists for places they want to travel. I have a pretty long travel bucket list myself! Bucket lists can be for ANY experiences you want to try.

Why complete a bucket list? It is a fun way to experience different things with your family or friends! For kids a bucket list helps you keep a tally of all the different things they are getting to try. It is a way to make wonderful memories with your family. Plus, you can make your bucket list super simple, low key and low cost. It can be whatever works best for you and your family.

The bucket list below is a mixture of free and paid experiences. You can complete whatever you would like! Even better make up some of your own.

Summer Bucket List – Great for toddlers

  1. Go to the Splash pad/park
  2. Have a Picnic
  3. Play at a new Park
  4. Go to a BBQ
  5. Visit the Zoo
  6. Go to a Petting Farm
  7. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
  8. Visit the Museum
  9. Music /Theater in the Park
  10. Kick a Ball
  11. Throw a Frisbee
  12. Color the sidewalk in Chalk
  13. Blow Bubbles
  14. Have a water fight
  15. Swing
  16. Visit Grandma / Grandpa
  17. Go on a Train Ride
  18. Eat Ice Cream
  19. Play Hide N Seek
  20. Build a Sand Castle
  21. Watch a Thunderstorm
  22. Do a Craft
  23. Go for a Bike Ride
  24. Make English Muffin Pizzas
  25. Watch a Sun Rise
  26. Home Movie Night w/Snacks
  27. Wear Pajama’s All Day
  28. Go on a Hike / Nature Walk
  29. Go to the Farmer’s Market
  30. Hop Scotch
  31. Go Rock Hunting
  32. Visit the Library for Story Time
  33. Watch Clouds / Birds / Nature
  34. Play in a Sprinkler
  35. Go to the Beach
  36. Finger paint
  37. Play With Play dough
  38. Face time with Relatives
  39. Color
  40. Make Popsicle’s
  41. Fly A Kite
  42. Go to a Lake
  43. Roast Marsh mellows
  44. Visit a Garden
  45. Pick Flowers
  46. See a Holiday Parade
  47. Visit the Aquarium
  48. Go to a Hands on Museum
  49. Visit a Fair
  50. Get a Sno Cone


Summer Bucket List for Toddlers


There are a ton of fun free things to do on this list. I am sure you could come up with more ideas, experiences your family loves. The point is to go and do something, try something, let your kids and family experience something new together. If will make you and your family closer and provide you memories of what summer should be full of. Fun, Sun, laughter, ice cream, and good times together.

Bucket List Printable – You Can Fill with your Family

Want to make your own special bucket list? Check out the free printable. It is perfect for you and your family to create your own fun summer bucket list. Add some stuff from my list, include items special to where you live and create some fun memories for you and your kids!

Use this free printable to fill out your own bucket list with your family.


GET THE FREE SUMMER BUCKET LIST – CREATE YOUR OWN PRINTABLE HERE ——–> Free Printable Summer Bucket List – fillable

I hope you enjoy these great ideas for fun all summer long with your family. With the perfect mix of free and low cost ideas your toddler (and the rest of your family) are sure to enjoy this summer!!

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Free printable summer bucket list designed just for toddlers. With nearly 50 ideas that fit any budget you are sure to have a fun summer with your little one.

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