One of the best decisions I ever made was starting a blog. I will admit, at the time it was scary, especially when thinking about the technical side. While I am pretty handy with a computer, coding is a whole ‘nother ball of wax!! I am not really that tech savvy after all. Lucky for me that I found Bluehost! They made it SUPER simple to start my blog. With these simple steps you can start yours too. Worried? Don’t be! I will walk you through it step by step!

How to Start a Blog with Bluehost

Ready to start a blog?

Head on over to the Bluehost website. The Bluehost website front page looks like this.
Head over the


Once at the site, click on the Get Started Now button

Click the green Get Started Now button in the center of the page. You should be directed to a page to select your plan. Choose the one that is right for you. If you are just starting out, then it may make sense to start with the Basic. Once your website grows, you can upgrade at that point.

select your plan

What is in a name?

Now it is time to pick your domain, this means purchasing the name of your website (like mine is I recommend that you do some research beforehand. Depending on what niche you are planning on being in should steer you to a name that fits. It needs to make sense, be easy to remember, use a common spelling and not already in use! If you have already chosen your domain name, choose “I have a domain name” if you need a little help then use the “new domain” button.

choose your domain


Fill out the important info

Once you have chosen your site you can enter in your account information

to start a bluehost website next step is to enter your account information

next you will see you package information, which includes the cost, depending on the number of years chosen. I recommend that you choose the 3 year plan because you will get the best rate for the longest, so you have time to get your site up and running and hopefully making money! There are also choices for extras, but you are not obligated to purchase them. I recommend researching each item and make a decision on what is right for you and your budget.

finalize your bluehost web hosting information

Time to pay!

Once you have made your choices, it is time to enter your payment information in.

enter your payment information in


Don’t Forget to Set a Tough Password

Now that you have purchased your web hosting through Bluehost, you will need to set up a password. Click the green “Create your password button”

set up your password next

This will direct you to a screen to create a password for your site. It is VERY IMPORTANT that your password be difficult. Therefore you should use the suggested password link on this page and use what they suggest, it is much less likely to be cracked. If you are worried about forgetting your password you can use a digital vault like LastPass, Keeper, or Dashlane. Or you can write the password down and lock it away where no one (except you) can get it.

Step 7:

Now the fun begins!! It is time to log in.

time to log in to bluehost


Step 8

Pick a Theme, you can purchase one through Bluehost. Or you can purchase it elsewhere and upload it. Check out the themes, they have free ones that will work OK for you to start out. But once you get the hang of it you should think about purchasing a professional theme for your sight. I use a Bluchic Theme called Isabelle. I absolutely adore it!

time to pick your theme


Step 9:

Next, you will need to install WordPress. Make sure it is NOT Bluehost makes this step SO SIMPLE,. I wish I had known that before I started my site! I actually had to migrate my site from to, it was not simple!

The great news is that you are where you should be and with Bluehost you can simply install WordPress with one click

login to WordPress


now you are in your WP Dashborad

Choose what type of site you would like. I have a business site.


Step 10:

Design and build your site. This includes choosing a Theme / Skin and setting up your separate headings/pages.

check out all t he tools on bluehost


Step 11:

Now that you have gone through each step, it is time to launch your site!! Looking for some good resources for your blog or to learn about blogging? Check out these awesome resources!

next you click the blue button and launch your site


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Starting a blog with Bluehost is simple if you follow these 11 steps.