The weather is improving and it makes possible to spend a good chunk of your time outside. The kiddos have been cooped up far to long. It is time to get our there and let them loose. This bucket list allows them to do just that. Enjoy being outside, being a kid, and appreciating new experiences. What is better is that this list works for families with Toddlers and younger children.

What is a Bucket List and Why complete one?

If you have never heard of a bucket list before, it is really pretty simple. It is a list of experiences that you want to try. The adult version is items you want to do before you pass. Many people make bucket lists for places they want to travel. I have a pretty long travel bucket list myself! Bucket lists can be for ANY experiences you want to try.

Why complete a bucket list? It is a fun way to experience different things with your family or friends! For kids a bucket list helps you keep a tally of all the different things they are getting to try. It is a way to make wonderful memories with your family. Plus, you can make your bucket list super simple, low key and low cost. It can be whatever works best for you and your family.

The bucket list below is a mixture of free and paid experiences. You can complete whatever you would like! Even better make up some of your own.

Spring Bucket List for Families with Young Children

  1. Grow a Garden
  2. Build a Birdhouse
  3. Get outside and have a sidewalk art day
  4. Visit a Different / New Park
  5. Visit a Local Farm or Petting Zoo
  6. Fly a Kite or Airplane
  7. Eat a Meal Outdoors
  8. Go to a Baseball Game
  9. Go for a Family Bikeride
  10. Visit the Farmers Market
  11. Check out the Library for Books on Spring
  12. Play a Family Game Outside
  13. Blow lots of Bubbles
  14. Visit a Local Garden or Greenhouse
  15. Rainy Day? Visit a Children’s Musuem

You can save the attachment here: Spring Bucket List for Toddlers and Young Children

Rather make your own bucket list? Check out this free printable template of a Spring Bucket List to do just that.


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