Grocery shopping is a necessary expense for every household, but it’s no secret that the cost of groceries can quickly add up. With prices seemingly on the rise and budgets feeling tighter than ever, finding ways to save money at the grocery store has become a top priority for many families. Let’s explore some smart strategies to help you slash your grocery bill and make the most of your food budget.


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The Rising Cost of Groceries:

If you have not seen a video on TikTok about the obscene cost of groceries or read an article that attests to the same, you are probably living under a rock! Groceries are getting more expensive, and the average family’s food budget is feeling the strain. I did a quick calculation for the costs according to the USDA Food Plans, for data from January 2024, and for my family of four on the MODERATE plan, it would be $1,353,20!!!! That would be over $16,000 for a year!

My calculation was for: 

  • A Male between 19 – 50
  • 1 Female between 19 – 50
  • A Male Preteen
  • 1 Female Child

USDA - Cost of Food January 2024

According to the USDA and BLS food costs have risen 25% between 2019 and 2023. While salaries have not risen in the same amount year to year. It has an even larger impact on household budgets. Annual wage increases generally are around 3% year over year. 

These factors put a squeeze on a family’s budget!!


Women Shopping at the Farmer' Market


Budget-Friendly Grocery Shopping Tips:

    • Plan your meals: Creating a weekly meal plan can help you avoid unnecessary purchases and reduce food waste.
    • Make a list: Stick to your shopping list to avoid impulse buys and stay within your budget.
    • Shop with coupons and discounts: Take advantage of coupons, loyalty programs, and discounts to save money on your grocery purchases.
    • Buy in bulk: Purchasing items in bulk can often lead to significant savings, especially for non-perishable items.
    • Compare prices: Be a savvy shopper and compare prices across different brands and stores to find the best deals.
    • Buy at your Farmers Market: Prices can be more reasonable if you have a local farmers market near you. 



Leverage Technology to Save Money:

    • Use grocery savings apps: Explore popular grocery savings apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, and Rakuten to earn cash back on your purchases.
    • Price comparison tools: Take advantage of online tools and apps that allow you to compare prices across different retailers to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
    • Digital coupons: Many grocery stores offer digital coupons that you can clip and redeem directly from your smartphone. This helps you save money effortlessly.


DIY and Meal Prep:

    • Cook at home: Eating out can be expensive, so opt for homemade meals whenever possible to save money.
    • Meal prep: Spend some time each week on meal prepping and batch cooking to save time and money during busy weekdays.
    • Grow your own: Consider starting a small garden or growing herbs indoors to supplement your grocery purchases with fresh, homegrown produce.


Saving money on groceries is possible with some planning, smart shopping strategies, and leveraging technology to your advantage. By implementing the tips and techniques outlined in this blog post, you can take control of your grocery budget. Plus, make your money go further without sacrificing the quality of your meals. Remember, every dollar the grocery store saves is a step closer to financial freedom and peace of mind. Happy saving!