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How to Sell Your Stuff to Make Money FastHOW TO SELL YOUR STUFF TO MAKE MONEY FAST

If you need to make extra cash in a hurry there are some great, legal options out there to make it happen in a few days. One of my favorites is selling household items we no longer use. This is one of the easiest money-making ideas to start and earn money in a few days’ time.

So, what exactly are some of the best items to sell to make yourself cash fast on a weekend? There are plenty, but here are 10 that I have personally made at least $100 in a weekend selling.

Not sure where the best place is to sell your family’s unused household items to make money fast? I will tell you the absolute best place to get it done.

Facebook Mom to Mom Groups or Yard Sales to Sell Your Stuff Fast

These groups are an absolute goldmine! If you need to make some extra money fast then these are great places to do it. Mom-to-Mom groups are usually local.

They tend to cover a few zip codes or cities, do drive time is usually never more than 30 minutes. Most groups require that you live in one of those areas or are willing to meet the buyer at least halfway (driving to an agreed-upon place). They have plenty of rules designed to keep you safer than selling on sites like Craigslist.

A big bonus is that these groups allow you to have the household items picked up directly from your home (if you are comfortable). You can do this one of two ways.

The first is called a Porch Pick Up or PPU and it simply means that you leave the item on your porch at an agreed-upon time and they leave the cash when they pick up the item, or you can set up PayPal.

The second would be meeting the person, at your house and exchanging the goods for money.

If that makes you uncomfortable, then I recommend you to meet in a public area during the day. Above all be safe. I stick to Mom to Mom groups only as I feel more comfortable meeting with another Mom / Woman. I live in a smaller town and feel comfortable meeting at my home. As everyone’s situation is different, do what makes you feel safe!

How to List on Facebook Groups to Sell Your Stuff Fast

Not sure how to list? No worries, I have laid out each set below. Once you have done it a few times, it will become much easier. That way the next time you need some extra money fast you can easily search your house and sell something.

First Find a Group!

If you have never joined a Mom to Mom group and listed an item for sale. It is a simple process and I can show you how to do it.

First on the Facebook main page on the left-hand side under explore you will see a little blue circle with people in it that says, Groups. Click on that. You may already be a member of some groups.

At the top, there is a choice called Discover. Click on that and it will take you to a ton of group choices in all sorts of categories.

At the top look through all the main categories until you come across Buy & Sell. Inside that section, you should find a mom-to-mom group that serves your area.

Pick your group and ask to join. You may have to answer questions like what zip code you live in and how many kids you have / ages. They want to make sure you are in the area the group serves and that you are a mom!


Now it is Time to List & Bring in Some Money

Now that you are all squared away and a member of a mom-to-mom group. You need to list some items to try to make money. Once you have chosen those household items, the steps are a breeze.

  • Find the item you plan to list, make sure to check that the item is not prohibited!
  • Take Photos – tip, check rules some sites want photos placed in the album others only allow one then the rest in comments. Read the rules!
  • Write Listing for the item or items. Make sure to include
    • Item name
    • price
    • smoke/pet-free home
    • details on the item including condition
    • where to pick up – cross streets or a public place you are willing to meet at
  • Upload the photos to the Mom to Mom Group
  • Press next and choose the group or groups you want to list to
  • If you plan to list in more than one group – check that the groups you are listing with allow it. Every group is different and some do not allow it!

How to list your items to make fast cash.


Now that you filled out the form. Click next and list in the desired group or groups.

Using this easy to follow process you can list your unwanted household items to make extra money on the weekend.


Once you have sold your item, do not forget to mark it as sold!

To mark an item as sold in a Facebook buy and sell group:

  1. From your News Feed, click Marketplace in the left menu. You may need to click See more
  2. Click Groups in the left menu and select the buy and sell group.
  3. Locate your original post.
  4. Click Mark as sold, then select an option and click Next.


Another piece of the puzzle is understanding all the acronyms used on the selling groups!

When looking at the group board you may see a lot of abbreviations. I have listed some of the most common phrases below.

Phrases to know:

  • PM = Personal/Private Message
  • ISO = in search of. These are things people are looking for, not selling.
  • Bump = this brings the post back to the top for more views
  • PPU = porch pick up or pending pick up
  • POOS = posted on other sites
  • EUC = excellent used condition
  • GUC = good used condition
  • NWT = new with tag
  • NWOT = new without tag
  • OBO = or best offer
  • LOOS = listed on other sites
  • FCFS = first come first serve
  • Tag – Adding someone’s name to a photo so they can find it easily. Do this by typing the person’s full name. It should appear in blue when you’ve tagged someone correctly.
  • Next – If the “Want or Interested” falls through, next will be the next in line.

Tips to increase sales to Make Cash Faster

How to Make Cash Fast

Now that you have a simple place to list your items quickly, here are some tips to help make sure you make the sale.

  • List on Friday or Saturday – moms tend to look when the kids are in bed and on weekends they are just more active.
  • Be home over the weekend when you decide to list, so you can arrange to pick up and collect your dough faster.
  • Take more than one photo – this is helpful in allowing the person to make a decision more quickly.
  • Check out what else is for sale and what the prices are like, you do not want to be out in left field asking for double unless there is a good reason.
  • Sell only items in Good or Excellent Used Condition. One caveat is that if you have a larger lot of items in “play condition” then you can sell them with that disclaimer and at a lower price. I sold 10 3T t-shirts all of which had dirt on the collars or front for $7, a big discount from my normal pricing. But moms do need clothes like that too. Just be upfront!
  • List in sets – This is for time-saving and the possibility of someone purchasing it all. For example, I listed 8 pairs of toddler boy jeans for $5 / each OR $35 for all. A few times I have to list and am more likely to sell all at the discount.
  • Let people know more about the item, and do some research. By this I mean, look up the name of the item, and find the description on the manufactures website. use that detail to help sell it.


How to sell your stuff to make money quickly

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