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If you need to make extra cash in a hurry there are some great, legal options out there to make it happen in a few days. One of my favorites is selling household items we no longer use. This is one of the easiest money-making ideas to start and earn money in a few days’ time.

So, what exactly are some of the best items to sell to make yourself cash fast in a weekend? There are plenty, but here are 10 that I have personally made at least $100 in a weekend selling.

Not sure where the best place is to sell your sell your families unused household items to make money fast? I will tell you the absolute best place to get it done. But first, lets talk about some of the best items to list to sell when you want to make money fast.

What are good items to sell to make extra cash quickly?


What Household Items to Sell if you Need to Earn Cash Fast

Clothes – Kids

The one item I tend to make the most cash from quickly is kids clothes. Since kids are forever in a growth pattern (OK it is not entirely true, but it does seem like it!) it feels like they are getting new clothes as often as 4 times a year. While you may not change out the entire wardrobe each season, enough items are.


I find that selling same-size items in sets works really well. It helps keep your home more organized and puts cold hard cash in your pocket. For example, I sold a lot of six 3T shirts for $12.00, a set of four pairs of 3T shorts for $12.00; and two sweatshirts for $12.00. That is a quick $36.00 made without even leaving the house!

Clothes – Yours

A close second in money-making household items is YOUR clothes (or your hubby!).

According to a survey by Closetmaid “The average American woman has 103 items of clothing in her closet – more than enough to put together outfits for any occasion, you might think. But she considers 21 per cent to be ‘unwearable’, 33 per cent too tight and 24 per cent too loose.”

That means that if you take a good look into your closet you will most likely find several items that you could sell. Items you no longer enjoy wearing or items you no longer fit. Why let them take up space in your closet when you can put them to good use earning you money.

A big second bonus is how much cleaner and more spacious your closet will be!


Sticking with the theme of items you wear, accessories can be a great way to make some extra dough. Think jewelry you no longer wear, purses that you NEVER use or save because it is still nice. Those are the perfect items to list!


You might be amazed as how many shoes you own. Most likely there are way too many that you no longer wear. I have a few that are pre-baby that I no longer find comfortable. So I sold them for $10 each and made $30 bucks!

Kids shoes, depending on the brand can help you cash in. Brands like Merrill, Keen, Plae, and other name brands will fetch prices anywhere from $15 all the way up to $30. Of course this depends on condition and where you live.

Another thing that may sell are sports shoes – soccer or baseball cleats, hockey skates, or figure skates.

Finally, another item I always seem to get a decent price for are snow boots. I tend to invest in good, warm, waterproof boots and they have a solid re-sale. That way we get use out of the boots and then sell to re-coop the cost.



I am always surprised what I have stored away, extra DVD player, cables, old phones, cameras, etc. All these items are easy to sell and quickly, to make extra money in one weekend.

One thing is make sure that you have all the important pieces, the charging cable,  if you still have it the box, and of course check that it still works! Selling with these items will improve the chance of sale and the price.


One thing I absolutely loathe are the amount of toys that seem to accumulate. So, as soon as Christmas is over, I go though and find the toys that are no longer their age, that they do not play with and I list them.

Usually, gather in January and list in February or March. I employ the same tactic at birthdays. It helps to keep the toys from overflowing! Recently I sold a few block sets, little people play sets and Legos and made about $50.


By this I mean, lawn and garden or tools. These items, if you have recently upgraded or no longer need them can fetch way more than $100 on its own!

Bike / Scooter and Accessories

Depending on the time of year (or where you live) this is a great item to sell. If you kid needs a bigger bike, sell the old one and upgrade! They can make you $25 – $75 for a child’s bike and a scooter could run anywhere from $10 – $25. That is nothing to sneeze at!

Books, CDs, DVDs

Got a new TV that your DVD player no longer works with? It might be time to sell it along with those DVDs. People regularly sell them and get between $1 – 5 for a regular DVD and $8 or more for a bluRay DVD. Same can be said for CDs.

There are plenty of people who still listen to CDs – at their cabin, in the car, even at home. So they are still saleable. I sold a few and made $15.

Kitchen Items

In our house, it seems like we have 5 coffee pots, 3 sets of dishes, baby dishes, glasses we never use, and mugs we never use. These items can be sold and while they may not make a ton, it clears your kitchen out and puts a little cash in your pocket. I sold a hand mixer for $10 and a set of mugs for $10. Not bad!

Old baby items

This one can be a real cash cow if you have a lot of baby stuff you are not using anymore. Think strollers, cribs, pack n play. rockers, baby bath. There are a ton of things that you buy as a new mom and may not need after the age of 2.

That is the stuff you should SELL. I sold the second stroller that we hardly ever use and made $200, I sold our infant bath for $10 and the pack n play for $65. While you do not have a ton of these items, they usually sell pretty quickly and put some serious cash in your pocket.


Bring it all together to Make Money

Now you have some ideas on what to sell to make extra cash next weekend!

I can tell you from personal experience that listing and selling a mixture of the 10 household items has netted me $100 over the weekend. In fact, this past weekend I listed summer toddler t-shirts, shorts, an old pack n play and my Medela pump and made well over that! You can too.

Just take a look around your home. See what you have been meaning to get rid of, clothes that your kids have out grown, or just household items you want to downsize and list them. Making cash on the weekend could not be easier!

How to Sell Your Stuff to Make Money Fast

Not sure where to go to sell your items? Check out my post on how to sell your items!

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10 Items you can sell to make some extra money on the weekend quickly.

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