Learn How to Get That Halloween Candy out of your house without a fight.

The Magic of the Switch Witch

Halloween is so much fun for kids, they get to cruise the neighborhood, knock on doors, and say a funny phrase Trick or Treat (or Trunk or Treat if you prefer), and they get, wait for it, candy! Yes, they are super excited to get free candy. The parents, myself included, not so much. I […] Read more…

Make Latte's at home with tasty syrup

Make your own Coffee Syrups

One of my biggest (and I will freely admit, costliest) daily habits is my latte habit. I love them, the warm creamy taste that the coffee takes on when you add warm milk, the mixture of vanilla and hazelnut with my espresso… It is the special way I love to start my day and because […] Read more…

How to calm your mind from overthinking

Quick Ways to Quiet Your Brain at Work

If you are finding it hard to focus on work, sometimes it can help you try some techniques to quiet your brain at work. Of course, everyone works in a different environment, so all these ideas might not work for you, but if just one does, you will find a way to get your mind […] Read more…

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