Do you absolutely love keeping every cute glass jar you come across? I have to say I am addicted to saving them! Even if I cannot figure out how to use it?

My motto is: Hey you can always sell it! One of my absolute favorite jars lately is those adorable Oui Jars. They are just the perfect size for plenty of different uses. 

I only bought an Oui Jar the first time because I loved that the yogurt came in such a cute glass jar. Of course, I was hooked once I tried the yogurt, as it reminded me of the yogurt I ate in my childhood. The glass jar became an awesome plus.


How to reuse those cute little glass jars


Three simple ways to repurpose those cute Oui jars

Once I ate the yummy yogurt, I soaked the jars in really hot water, and the labels peeled off. Afterward, I used a cloth with some rubbing alcohol to remove any renaming residue from the sticker label. I found that these labels come off much easier than other labels. That is a nice bonus.

The next three ideas are the first things that I used these perfectly sized jars for. They are very simple ideas and take almost no time. If you decide to decorate the jars then that will increase the time, but not too much. They would be super cute with Washi Tape, painted, or spray paint.



Oui Jars as Simple Candle Holders


The simplest way to use these jars is to take the label off and put a tealight candle in it. If you do not want to light an actual candle you can get these awesome flicker-free candles. I use real tea lights and put whole coffee beans in the jar. It smells ahhh-mazing! The sky is the limit on what you might include at the bottom of the jar, small pebbles, or those cool glass stones from the dollar store. 

I have three jars on my chest of drawers inside of this sweet Carved Wood Decorative Bowl that I got at Target, made by Hearth & Hand with Magnolia. It lets me change the look of it pretty easily without spending a ton of money.  Although this bowl is no longer available I found other similar options for Wood Decorative Bowls  (affiliate link) that work too. 

These jars make awesome candle holders


Oui Jars make the best candle holders


Oui Jars as Mini Storage Jars


I also have one that my hubby uses to clean his pockets out and keep change or other odds and ends in. One jar grew to a FEW. But at least the items are no longer strewn across our chest of drawers. He loves having somewhere to empty his pockets at the end of the day. Sometimes there are funny items in the jar, like Bananagrams tiles, golf tees, dice, and wrappers for mints and gum. 

Use your cute yogurt jars as a change jar





Oui Jars as Storage In Your Office

Another easy idea for up-cycling these super cute jars is to splurge on buying lids and store office supplies. I love having them on my shelf to easily access my paper clips, push pins, and binder clips. They would make a great spot to store your odds and ends for crafting too! 

They make the best storage jars for the office or as a spice rack.


rePurpose into office storage



Other Ways to Reuse and Recycle Oui Jars

Looking for more awesome ideas to use these cute Oui Yogurt Jars? Below is a list of 22 simple ideas to reuse your Oui Jars. Make what you want with them! 

Simple uses for Oui Jars (once they are clean and de-labeled of course:)

  1. Candle holder- tea light or even a votive- follow this simple tutorial
  2. Change jar
  3. Odds and ends jar
  4. Office storage*
  5. Spice storage*
  6. Gift jars*
  7. Add Succulents
  8. Store Bath Salts in the jar (or give them as a gift)
  9. Paint them
  10. Put a plant or flower in them
  11. Use them for dessert
  12. Make the Jar into a Candle (fill it)
  13. Use for a Homemade popcorn set*
  14. Candy jar
  15. Dipping jars
  16. Decorative jam/condiment jars
  17. Turn them into Sea glass/mercury glass
  18. Use for Bathroom storage*
  19. Button jar
  20. Jellybean jar
  21. Air fresheners jar (gel or gel-like)
  22. Make yogurt in them

*Will need to purchase a lid for these ideas. There are lids available on Etsy and Oui sells them also. I found that the lids from Oui are less expensive per lid. Note that the lids might not be leakproof.


reuse these adorable jars in your home.




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