Like most holidays during our year, Valentine’s Day is meant to be celebrated with your significant other and your close family. It is a cozy holiday in my neck of the woods as the snow is falling and it is sooooo cold outside. Snuggling up with your loved one is a great way to spend the day. One way I like to set up some nice ambiance for Valentine’s Day is with these adorable candle holders.

These simple-to-make Oui Yogurt Jar Candle Holders are the perfect thing to make for your homemade Valentine’s Day. They only take a few minutes to make, but you can enjoy them year after year. The best part – the total project costs are below $5.00!! That includes a delicious yogurt you get to eat??.

Simple Valentine’s Day Craft – Oui Yogurt Jar Candle Holders

Looking for a great way to repurpose those cute Oui Yogurt Jars into something you love? These Valentine’s Day candle holders are the perfect way to reuse all those extra Oui jars you have been collecting. (please tell me it is not just me! ?) I mean what is better than finding a simple way to reuse those adorable jars??


  • Oui Yogurt Jar – at least 2, if you plan to put them on a mantle then I would recommend 4 – 6
  • Valentine’s Day Ribbon (or just plain pink or red works too)
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun (make sure the glue sticks you are using will work on glass!)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (optional)

With a few supplies you can repurpose your empty oui jars into Valentine's Day Candle Holders.


First, take two clean and empty Oui Yogurt Jars (or any similar small open glass jars you have on hand, just make sure they match)

Next, remove the labels from the jars. I found running hot water over the label to make it easy to remove. Then I follow up with a quick wipe of rubbing alcohol if there is any residue left. You may not need to, so this step with the rubbing alcohol is completely optional.

Then take a piece of festive Valentine’s Day ribbon and wrap it around the top of the jar, just under the lip. Make a tic mark where the ribbon touches the other end.

Use the Oui Jar you are going to reuse to measure the length of ribbon needed.

Now, cut the ribbon at the tic mark.

Measure each ribbon for the Oui Jar Valentine's Day Candle holders.

After that, take the cut ribbon and use it as a template to cut as many ribbons as you need.

Use your pre-heated glue gun and put a dab of glue on the glass jar. Affix the ribbon quickly to the glass jar where you placed the glue. A tip is to not put too much glue on the ribbon. Put a line, instead of a dab, and make sure to place it in the middle of the ribbon to keep the glue from seeping out.

Using the hot glue gun add glue to the ribbon and affix to the Oui Jar. Repeat again until it is glued all the way around.


Keep dabbing glue and securing the ribbon to the jar until you have wrapped it all the way around to meet the beginning of the ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around and then place another dab of glue on the ribbon and affix. Let set and dry.

Affix the other end of the ribbon with hot glue and hold.

Once all those steps are done, you can add the candle to each Valentine’s Day Candle holders and light them.

Here is the finished product - Valentine's Day Oui Jar Candle Holders. A simple way to repurpose those cute jars!

This easy-to-make Valentine’s Day craft is such a simple way to get ready for snuggling with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. It is quick and simple. I was able to complete 2 Valentine’s Day Candle Holders with about 10 minutes of work time. If you have an older, responsible child, they can even help you do this craft. It adds a bit of decor without taking a ton of time. One place we love to put the candle holders is on our mantel with other Valentine’s Day decor.

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Repurpose your Oui Yogurt Jars into these cute Valentine's Day Candle Holders.


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