Since the moment I knew that baby number two was on its way, I became hyper aware of how much we were spending as a family of 3.

I was very concerned that our spending habits, which in my opinion, were out of control (they are better but we are still a work in process) would never accommodate the addition of another child to the tribe.

I knew this was an issue before we became pregnant, however, this was the event that really woke me up and moved me to action.

The cost of day care alone would be a huge hit to our budget. Plus being out of work for 3 months without pay was a daunting task to cover. I wanted to make sure I had three months with my second, just like I did with my first.

So, I was turned on to any and every idea that would save us money.

Great Savings Ideas

One thing we did a lot is a no spend weekend. If you have not heard of it before, it is exactly as it sounds. You do not make any purchases during the time period in question. In this case Saturday and Sunday. I would then estimate what we would have spent over the weekend and put it into a savings account.

Here is a list of some of the things we did to keep from spending money on the many weekends that we did this. I hope it helps you on your journey to savings and better finances.

No Spend Weekend Ideas

  1. go for a walk
  2. take a bike ride
  3. go to the park
  4. go to a free museum
  5. attend a free concert in the park
  6. play board games
  7. read a book
  8. watch TV / movie (not paid)
  9. play with your children
  10. take a nap
  11. de-clutter your home (sell what you can and earn some side hustle cash!)
  12. do a DIY tutorial with items you have in the house
  13. plant a garden
  14. exercise
  15. complete a puzzle
  16. take an online survey for money
  17. journal
  18. color
  19. hang out and talk to your family (pretend it is 1980…)
  20. go to the library
  21. paint
  22. clean your house
  23. do the laundry
  24. write a letter to your children for when they are older
  25. listen to music
  26. take pictures
  27. go to the beach
  28. make a budget
  29. go fishing
  30. play a sport in the backyard (soccer, catch, football,…)
  31. play a game outside (tag, red rover…)
  32. play a card game
  33. organize your photos
  34. try a new recipe (use what you have in your house only!)
  35. mow the lawn
  36. volunteer
  37. join a website like Swagbucks or Inbox Dollars  to make some side hustle money
  38. have a picnic
  39. make a list of items that need to be done around the house (i.e. honey do list)
  40. hang out with friends or neighbors
  41. attend church
  42. work on a meal plan for the up coming week or month
  43. scrapbook
  44. complete a craft from supplies you have in home
  45. make art with your family
  46. learn a new skill
  47. go through your closet: donate, recycle, and store off-season
  48. sit down
  49. meditate / do yoga
  50. bake
  51. teach your kids how to do something new
  52. make your own beauty products
  53. make your own cleaners for the home
  54. have a cup of coffee or tea
  55. start a blog
  56. start a home business (or brainstorm and research one)
  57. learn a foreign language
  58. rearrange a room in your house
  59. do a crossword puzzle or Sudoku
  60. look at a magazine
  61. build a fort
  62. baby sit
  63. take a bath
  64. use any gift certificates you have on hand
  65. paint your nails
  66. make a homemade gift for someone
  67. look for free items on Craigslist or freecycle (be safe!)
  68. donate
  69. have a picnic
  70. make something from your pinterest page (check out these awesome oui jars.)
  71. take a free online course (Udemey or Harvard has them)

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