While there are plenty of apps on the market that will track your bills for you, but there is something to be said about writing them down. When you put something down on paper it really can give you clarity that an app can’t. Plus, using a Monthly Bill Calendar is so simple!

What is a Bill Calendar?

A bill calendar is a powerful tool that helps people to list their bills and see when bills are due.

Most people have recurring bills and expenses like rent, utilities, car payments, medical, and insurance payments. Some people have quarterly or annual expenses that they need to be reminded to save for to pay in a lump sum.

What can tracking your bills with a Monthly Bill Calendar do for you?

  • Give you a high-level view of cash outflows and inflows
  • Help plan better when to set your credit card or other monthly payments
  • Make sure your bills on paid on time
  • Help to keep more money in your bank account by not being charged fees and interest if you pay late

How do I create a Bill Calendar?

  1. Gather all of your monthly, quarterly, and annual bills.
  2. Write down what each bill is for, the amount owed, if it is variable or fixed, and the due date.
  3. Put the bill calendar in a place where you can check it weekly. The refrigerator, at your desk in the office or if your home has a command center are good options.

Monthly Bill Calendar Options

The simplest way to do something can often be the best. Enter the monthly bill calendar. It is easy to use. There are two schools of thought. This Calendar can be used either way.

Option 1 – Use the Same Calendar:

Just print it, put 31 total days on the calendar, and put your bills and income on the date they are due.

If you just do not have time to really get into the detail, then this is the option for you.

It will give you a general idea of what is due when, but may not be exact as not every month has 31 days.

Option 2 Customize Each Month:

Each month print and date based on the month and add all expenses and income due for that month.

I personally prefer this method, because month to month my income and expenses change. I have a lot of quarterly and annual expenses that I like to break down and track for saving to pay as well.

Plus, it just reminds me of what is coming up since I just wrote it. It is fresher in my mind.

With this system, I never miss a bill payment.

That means no late fees, no interest, and help in maintaining a great credit score.

Example Monthly Bill Calendar

Here is an example of the Monthly Bill Calendar in use. I put my example expenses on the date they are due.

I notated the actual dollar amount due on items that are fixed. For those that are variable, I simply notated that with a V.

You can use whatever system works best for you though.


Why you Should be Bill Tracking- Example Monthly Bill Tracker


Why Plan With a Monthly Bill Calendar

How can this simple tool help me plan? It simply shows you when you are receiving your income and when you are making payments.

If those do not go in the right order or if all your payments are concentrated in one week, that can be difficult to cover. I personally like to have the income come in, then make the payments.

In the example above that is not what is happening for a significant amount of the payments. When I see it planned out on a calendar I can see it. If I just wrote down the due dates on a sheet of paper, it would not have the same visual effect.

In the example, I would suggest moving the Capital One Credit Card and electricity bill payment to after the 15th. The idea is that the paycheck from the 15th would cover those payments plus the Target Credit Card payment and the gas bill.

Then paycheck 2 would cover the mortgage payment coming due and the childcare payments before the next paycheck.

Give it a try. See if moving some of your monthly payments might make sense for your family.

The good news is that the Monthly Bill Calendar could not be simpler to complete! You can find the free Monthly Bill Calendar at the link below. Download it and enjoy!

Here is your free Monthly Bill Calendar Template.

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How a Bill Tracking Calendar Helps you Manage Your Money


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