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As a momma of two young kids with a very hectic schedule and life, it can feel next to impossible to plan an elaborate Valentine’s Day. Especially in the middle of the week! That might be how you are feeling too. Or, maybe you are not feeling it this year and are looking for a laid-back, relaxing, or low-key way to celebrate your love and the family too.

I am personally a bit of a homebody, so the idea of a low-key Valentine’s Day always appeals to me. Plus, I am really into my budget, so saving on dinner and drinks out as well as any other fun (think movies, ice skating, a concert), makes a huge difference in my budget for the month.

Why stay in or choose free for Valentine’s Day?

There are a few reasons why this may make sense for you and your family.

  • It can give you time to reconnect with your kids and your significant other.
  • It will save you money
  • We all just survived a crazy holiday season from October to December, relaxing and slowing down can be nice
  • Saving money is nice and you just spent a fair bit on the last holidays

Spending Time With Your Loved Ones Does Not Have To Break The Bank

These ideas are sure to keep your budget in check and allow you to spend some quality time with your loved one (ones, if you are spending it with the kiddos too!). Believe me, your wallet will thank you. You can still have a fun time together spending time with each other and keeping your money in the bank.

Lost cost ideas to celebrate Valentine's day at home

Memories Are Better Than Gifts

I love making memories with my hubby and kiddos. I would prefer to spend quality time with them versus getting flowers that cost a ton or gifts. I found that it means more to them and me. The best part is you are making wonderful memories that you can look back on later.

Make memories without breaking the bank this Valentine's Day

Low Key Valentine’s Day

Try one of these fun ideas for this Valentine’s Day. Not only will it be memorable, but you will save money. Low cost can still be fun. Spending time together is wonderful. Plus you will have a great time doing it!

Low Key Valentine’s Day Ideas to Do with the Kids

  1. Movie night
  2. Indoor picnic
  3. Ice cream bar
  4. Go for a walk in your downtown
  5. Bake together (from scratch)
  6. Have a fondue night
  7. Take a scenic drive
  8. Go to the Library and read by the fire
  9. Go sledding
  10. ice skating
  11. have a game night
  12. have a dance party
  13. Video game night
  14. Do a scavenger hunt
  15. Find a free museum, concert, or play to attend
  16. play a sport together
  17. star gaze
  18. watch the sunset
  19. make a time capsule
  20. walk in a park or hike a trail
  21. TV marathon
  22. make s’mores and hot chocolate

Low Key Valentine’s Day Ideas to Do Without the Kids

  1. have champagne by the fire
  2. Set up a wine or beer tasting at home
  3. Watch an adult movie together
  4. Watch an adult TV show together
  5. Spend time talking and maybe eat a bit of chocolate or dessert
  6. Homemade dinner with drinks
  7. Sit by the fire and cuddle

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Use this simple ideas to celebrate Valentine's day without spending a ton of money.

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