School will be starting soon and while you are preparing your kids to go back, your teacher has been hard at work getting the room ready, writing lesson plans, and getting ready to start the new school year off right. Making a Teacher Gift is an awesome idea!

What better way to show thanks than getting your kid’s new teacher to be a small token of appreciation? This simple-to-make last-minute teacher gift will be a hit for sure.

This easy-to-make teacher gift can be done with your kid’s help and after the supply buying is all said and done, it can be completed in well under 10 minutes. I made 2, one teacher gift and one para pro gift, in under 10 minutes. My kids loved filling their boxes with goodies to share with their new teacher on the first day of school.

But why stop there? These boxes would be great gifts for the bus driver, gym teacher, art teacher, music teacher, lunch ladies, office ladies, and even the principal!

The best part of this gift is it will work when your kids return for school, for the holidays when school ends. The sky is the limit. It is such a simple gift. The candy can be changed out. Making it the perfect thing for your favorite teacher!

Simple Last-Minute Teacher Gift


  • Jot 9-Compartment Clear Plastic Organizer Case
  • Lip Balm
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Assorted Candy
  • Tissue Packs
  • Ribbon
  • Gift Tag (Teacher’s Emergency Stash- Tag Printable )
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Tape (optional)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (optional)

Supplies to make a simple teacher gift- emergency stash

Estimated Cost Per Case:

  1. Jot Organizer: $1.00
  2. Lip Balm: $1.00
  3. Hand Sanitizer: $0.89
  4. Assorted Candy: $3.89 (not on sale, multi-pack, used almost the entire bag)
  5. Tissue 3-Pack: $0.99
  6. Mints: $0.87 (bought a three-pack for $2.59)
  7. Ribbon: Free (I used what I had at home)
  8. Gift Tag: Free (Teacher’s Emergency Stash- Tag Printable)

Total Cost: $8.64


  1. Remove the label(s) from the box and any sticker residue with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Put the lip balm, mints, and hand sanitizer in the spots that work best for the item size.Simple last minute teacher gift- add the hand sanatizer, mints, and lip balm to the box
  3. Take the assortment of candy and organize by type.Simple to make last minute teacher gift- add the candy of your choice
  4. Place each type into their own compartment.
  5. Once Full, close the box. 🙂
  6. Place the tissue 3-pack on the top (or if you prefer on the bottom) and fasten with tape.Easy to make last minute teacher gift- add the tissues to the top
  7. Take ribbon and wrap around the box long ways cross and then wrap short way.East last minute teacher gift- attach the ribbonSimple to make last minute teacher gift- add ribbon to the backSimple to make last minute teacher gift t hey are sure to love- twist the ribbon to close
  8. Lay the ribbon across and cut off the ends. Or if you prefer make a bow.Last minute teacher gift- lay the ribbon out and cut it
  9. Add the Teacher’s Emergency Stash- Tag Printable to the top. If you need to you can secure it with additional ribbon.Easy to make last minute teacher gift- add the free printable tage
  10. You are all set!

What a simple and wonderful gift to give to your kid’s new teacher to start the year off right.

The best part is that you can put whatever you want in the box and even use a different box if you have something already at home that you want to gift. The idea is that your kids can help make a simple and inexpensive gift for their teacher.

Easy to make simple last minute Teacher Gift that you can make with your kids in under 10 minutes

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