Halloween Free Family Fun

Cooler temperatures, donuts and cider, pumpkins, falling leaves, school starting, and of course HALLOWEEN. One of my kid’s favorite holidays is Halloween. And in our family, we always complete a few family-centric events.

One of my personal favorites is this Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

This free printable is easy to use, but above all, it allows us to spend time together as a family. It has become a tradition in our household.

A few years ago we started doing an NYE scavenger hunt with the kids and then it spread to most of the non-major holidays – Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Memorial Day, and New Year’s Eve. It is so much fun!



The kids really get a kick out of finding the items all over the house, on the TV, and of course outside in the neighborhood. This is a game that can be played during the day, so as not to disturb bedtime for the really little ones.

Rules of the Game

In our house, we play in two ways.

The First way we play Halloween Fall Family Fun Scavenger Hunt is we split into two teams. We only print one sheet for the whole team to share. We set a time limit when there are smaller kids playing. Usually, anyone under the age of 5.

The winner is the team to finish first and that meets with the entire team at the designated meeting spot. This is a great way to play if you have a lot of smaller kids who will need assistance. It makes the adults and older kids lead and practice teamwork!

Plus it is just fun to run around together inside and outside to find all the items on the list.

Another way to play, is we each are on our own individual teams. Again, the same rules, the winner is the team to finish first and meets with the entire team at the designated meeting spot.

It is a simple way to spend time together while getting out of the house for a bit. My kids adore going on a quick walk because face it, being cooped up makes us all stir crazy! They are both pretty competitive and love trying to search for the items on the list.

This is such a quick way to have wholesome fun together. Usually takes no longer than 20 – 30 minutes. With teams, it may only last 15 minutes. Unless you have the kids search for everything and you only help them?

I hope you enjoy this free simple family activity as much as my family has.


Halloween Family – Scavenger Hunt

Even better, the printable has been updated and a blank page has been added to make your OWN Halloween Scavenger Hunt! 


Free Printable Download Here ——–> PRINTABLE Halloween Scavenger Hunt Free Fall Family Fun


Free Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt - Free Fall Family Fun

Looking for the Halloween Fall Family Fun Scavenger Hunt Printable?

Here it is, enjoy searching for Halloween Items in your home, on your TV, and in your neighborhood.

Free Printable Download ——–> PRINTABLE Halloween Scavenger Hunt Free Fall Family Fun




Halloween Scavenger Hunt




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