With cooler weather heading our way, finding things for younger kids to do indoors is a must. It can be hard to find activities that are right for 3 – 6-year-old kids. But this simple and fun Halloween Craft activity will definitely get your kids to pass the time 🙂

This is a VERY simple Halloween Craft, just takes 3 supplies – ribbon, a shower curtain ring, and scissors. The best part is it teaches your little one math skills (counting) and fine motor skills too. It is not a messy project, which is awesome. The time it takes to set up and complete is minimal too, which is a total BONUS in my book. Especially, since my kiddos cannot stay seated for long!! Plus there are plenty of imaginative ways to use this item once it is complete! My kids love to wave it in the air and dance with it. When my kids are done playing with their Halloween craft they hang it like art on a hook on their bulletin board.


Halloween Craft Project


  • Dollar Store Shower Rings in Clear
  • 6 – 7 various ribbons that are fall or Halloween-related. (varying sizes is fine)
  • scissors (safety scissors are OK for older kids)

Total Estimated Cost of Halloween Craft Project

Dollar Store Shower Rings in Clear comes in a 12 pack so each ring costs about 8.3 cents. I purchased 6 ribbons with varying patterns. They are 5/8 inch wide and have a total of 3 yards per roll. Each roll cost $1.00 for total spending of $6.00. I estimated that I used approximately 2 yards total. Which equates to 66.7 cents. With the scissors I already owned, buying a decent children’s pair for $1.00 is totally possible.

The total projected cost per child: $1.75 (including the scissors)



  1. Take each of the ribbons and dole out varying amountsCut out the ribbon for your little one to tile onto the ring
  2. Cut the ribbons in different lengths
  3. Loop the ribbon over the shower curtain ringHave your little one loop the ribbon around the ring
  4. Tie a knot (or two) tightlyMake this halloween craft with your little one today! let them tie a knot around the ring themselves
  5. Repeat with each piece of ribbonMake this easy Halloween Craft with your little ones - tie the remaining ribbons on.
  6. That is it. you now have something your child can dance with, waive around, hang on a knob or use as they imagine it should be used!make this simple halloween craft activity with your little ones, they will love it!



Make this simple halloween craft with your little ones today. So easy to make



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  • Potluck List
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