I am not sure if you know this already, but, I am a COFFEE ADDICT. I adore coffee. Give it to me hot, cold, with milk, without milk, add sugar, syrup, whatever goes. There is not a cup of coffee that I did not love (OK that is not 100% true, but you get the point!).

One of my favorite things about spring and summer is Iced Coffee. I adore it. It is so refreshing. What is even better is making a cold brew concentrate!

The Best coffee in the Summer

Cold Brew Love

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Cold Brew is the Way to Go

Cold brew is a very simple and economical way to make a large batch of coffee that can be easily used for iced coffee. It tastes better and is easier on the stomach (in my opinion).

In order to make cold brew there are a few options on the market. If you are anything like me and crazy for cold brew you can actually buy something that will aid you in making it. Otherwise, it is a simple as getting a large mason jar and some cheese cloth (I buy mine from the local dollar store).

]If you would rather have a fancy brewer because you will be making it often (that is me!) then you should look at one of these. Mason Jar Mesh Strainer (affiliate link) (here; jar purchase separately here) or Toddy (Affiliate link) (here). I have used both and recommend either. Just make sure to wash the brewer piece for the Toddy by hand.

How To make delicious cold brew

In this tutorial I am using the Toddy to make the cold brew concentrate.


  • Coarsely ground coffee (12 – 16 oz bag)
  • Filtered Water


  • Cold brew system of your choice (Toddy, Mason Jar, etc)
  • Filter / cheesecloth (optional, use if you are not buying the mesh insert)


  1. Coarsely grind 1 pound of beans (the ratio no matter how much you grind is 1 pound beans to 1 gallon of water, you can use less beans, just cut the water used)
  2. Add the coffee to your brewer of choice. If you are using the Toddy, follow their directions here. If you are using the Mason jar/cheese cloth system, just dump the grounds into the jar.
  3. Pour 1 gallon of room temperature water over the grounds.
  4. Cover, let steep/sit on your kitchen counter for a minimum of 12 hours, 24 hours is better though!
  5. Tip, if you want to have stronger coffee but do not want to wait 24 hours to get it, you can start with hot (NOT BOILING) water to get the brewing process started faster.
  6. Once the brewing is finished, decant it from the Toddy into their jar or strain the coffee grounds out of the jar with a cheese cloth.
  7. Place the coffee concentrate into the fridge. It will keep for up to 2 weeks!

Iced Coffee Recipe

Now to make your simple plain Iced Coffee

  1. Place ice about 1/3 to 1/2 way in the cup of your choice
  2. Pour cool filtered water up to the 1/2 way mark
  3. Pour coffee concentrate the rest of the way.
  4. The typical recipe for coffee concentrate is 50/50 coffee concentrate/water. If that is too strong for you, adjust it to 1/3 coffee concentrate and 2/3 filtered water.


Other Ideas for Iced Coffee

Add Simple Syrups.

I love adding flavors of vanilla and/or hazelnut into my iced coffee. You can also make a plain simple syrup and add any flavor you desire.

Add Milk (of any kind!)

If syrups do not float your boat, try adding a small bit of half and half, milk, coconut milk, or almond milk. It adds a creaminess factor and tastes amazing. I love adding Vanilla Coconut Milk to my coffee.

Coffee on Top of Coffee

Some people say that they dislike iced coffee because the ice melts and waters it down. I rarely have this issue as I drink them pretty fast! But if you do not want your coffee to be diluted, freeze your left over hot coffee and add a few coffee ice cubes to the mix!

Vietnamese Coffee

If you have never had this, you need to try it at least once! Vietnamese coffee adds Sweetened Condensed Milk to the mix. It is way yummy. Just be warned it is addictive!

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Easy DIY Cold Brew Coffee

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