Father's Day Keepsake Printable PDF Kids Quiz

Father’s Day is right around the corner!

I love making (and receiving) simple hand-made gifts or memory-type gifts with my children. That is why I created this printable, so my hubby can remember how adorable and silly the kids were and what they thought when they were younger.

This free Father’s Day Quiz Keepsake printable can be a precious gift for the father, grandfather, or uncle.

With younger kids, the answers are just adorable and funny! Quiz your kids each year and give it as part of your gift. It is easy and only takes a minute.

If you really want to make it special then get a nice frame from the dollar store, Ikea, or a craft store and give it to him framed! Or if you plan to do this each year, then get a nice album that you can put each year’s page in!

That makes for a simple, heartfelt gift.

Father’s Day Keepsake Quiz

I have always preferred sentiment over material goods. This Father’s Day Kids Keepsake Quiz packet hits just the right note in that department.

You can have your child fill it out on their own or you can fill it in for them. Either way, your loved one will enjoy reading the answers given on Father’s Day. This is a perfect gift to give to the Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Great Grandpa, or Great Uncle in your life.

That is why the Father’s Day Keepsake Quiz packet includes pages for the following:














Great Grandpa

Great Uncle

Let your children show the men in their lives how much they care with this simple and adorable gift.❤️❤️❤️

BONUS, It is a fun activity to do together too. So you get to spend quality time together!

Fathers Day Kids Keepsake Quiz Pack


Here is how you can grab this free printable packet! Simply click on the link right below the image, which will take you directly to the full PDF version. Download it and print it off your computer as you normally would. You can print one or all the pages!

Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day

I hope you enjoy taking 10 minutes to complete this quiz with your child (or children). I know that the Dad, Grandpa, or Uncle you give this to will love the thought that went into this sweet and caring gift.

Father's Day Keepsake Printable PDF Kids Quiz

Again, if you missed the Link for the PRINTABLE – Father’s Day Keepsake Quiz you can get it here!


Father's Day Printable Kids Keepsake Quiz Pack


PS: Want to give a great keepsake gift to that Mother in your life? If you are looking for one for Mom, Grandma, or Aunt look no further!

Free Printable Mother's Day Keepsake Quiz. A Perfect gift for that special woman in your life.


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