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Fall Bucket List For Toddlers and Young Children

The weather is cooling down, but that does not mean you cannot get outside and of course, find free family fun this fall. What better way to do that than with a Fall Bucket List? But I found that many lists are designed with older kids or teens in mind.

That makes it hard for the youngest kids in your family to participate. Rather than leave them out, I created a Fall Bucket List with 30 ideas that your littles can do too! 

Get the free printable fall bucket list for little kids!



This list is for younger kids and toddlers. The free printable is easy to follow. You can even have your little one mark each box as you complete the activity!


Why Do a Bucket List?

One reason to complete a fall bucket list, even for the youngest in your house, is that it is better to get them outside now because before you know it the kiddos will be going stir-crazy from winter (at least where we live!). It is time to get there while you still can.

Of course, some prefer the crisp fall temps more than others. This fall bucket list has a great mix of indoor and outdoor activities. So let your little one enjoy the change of weather, being a kid, and appreciating new experiences.

Another reason is it is fun to try new things together as a family, but completing the list year after year will lend a bit of nostalgia to you and your kids as it will become a tradition.

The Fall Bucket list below includes some of my favorite things to do with my kids. Both are younger and when I searched for a bucket list for my kiddos to do, I found that most lists were not designed with younger children in mind.

So I set out to make a list of experiences that are simple to do with younger ones, while not boring for the older ones. 🙂


Fall Bucket List For Toddlers and Young Children

Here is a taste of the list. There are 30 activities in total on the free printable – so even more family fun.



Another Idea for Your Fall Bucket List

Want to make a fun and interactive bucket list for your toddler? I found writing down the list on popsicle sticks and letting them pick one to do each day is a great way to get them excited about fall time! 

You can get a set of large Popsicle sticks at the dollar store and paint or color with markers in fall colors, then use a permanent marker to write down each bucket list item. 

Free Printable Fall Bucket List for toddlers and young children


You can save the free young children-friendly Fall Bucket List here:  Fall Bucket List – For Toddler and Young Children Free Printable





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