I am always trying to find ways to make things myself. There are a few reasons I prefer to make products myself:

  1. It keeps nasty chemicals out of what I and my family use. My younger self did not pay as careful attention to what was in the products I was using. I made the naïve assumption that government agencies regulated the chemicals used in personal products similar to what you see in Europe. Boy was I so wrong. Now I make a concerted effort to avoid chemicals when I can. Especially when it does on my skin!
  2. Making it from scratch is more economical. For example, I got a 32 oz bottle of the peppermint Dr. Bonner’s from my local Trader Joe’s for $9.99. I used an old foaming soap bottle that I had, and I use the filtered water from my faucet. A 32 oz bottle yields 64 Tablespoons in one bottle. That makes this recipe about $0.15/bottle!
  3. Simple to do. If it is not hard to create a safer product for you and your loved ones, why wouldn’t you?
  4. Better for the planet. What you put down the drain ends up somewhere.
  5. Customizable. You can use what scent you prefer. If you want no scent, that can be done too! I have one with Lavender in my bathroom and one with citrus in my kitchen.

That is why I absolutely LOVE making my own foaming hand soap. The trick is to use a special bottle that makes your liquid soap foam.


If you are giving this as a gift, you can buy a brand new, inexpensive foaming soap dispenser at the Dollar Store and clean it out to use. Then decorate it! Paint it or modge podge it! The sky is the limit. The best part is that while this gift is inexpensive, people appreciate it. It makes a great gift for a neighbor!

Easy DIY Foaming Soap


  • Foaming dispenser (I used an empty foaming soap dispenser I had, make sure it is clean. You can also get a new one here)
  • Liquid Castile Soap of your choice (I use Dr. Bonner’s Lavender, here)
  • Distilled or Filtered Water
  • Essential Oil (optional)
  • Olive Oil (optional)

Take the clean and dry foaming soap dispenser and unscrew the top.

Measure out 1 Tablespoon of liquid Castile soap and place into the bottle.

Fill the bottle with filtered or distilled water. Make sure to leave room to screw the cap back on!

Dispense 10 – 20 drops of desired essential oil into the bottle (please make sure to check on the safety of the oil, required dilution, light sensitivity, or issues with plastic dispensers, before using!)

You can also add a Table Spoon of Fractionated Coconut Oil if you find that Castile soap dries your hands too much. This is entirely optional. I tend to add this in the fall / winter to mine and forego it in the spring / summer.


Done! Now wasn’t that easy? Want to save this for later? PIN IT!

Easy to Make DIY Foaming Hand Soap takes no more than a few minutes and is less expensive than conventional soap

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