Traditionally, for many, St. Patrick’s Day may be celebrated by drinking a green beer at your local watering hole. Since I have small children in my house we redefined how we celebrate this holiday. I tried to make it more family centered. So, I made a small budget of $25.00 to cover any food, decorations, and art projects for this very green holiday. What did I buy with this budget?

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Kids


  • shamrocks, hats and leprechauns to be hung on the wall: $4.00 total from the Dollar Tree (reusable)
  • 3 sets of magnets for my children’s Ikea magnet learning board: $3.00 from the Dollar Tree (reusable)
  • Beads to wear: $2.00 from the Dollar Tree (reusable)


  • Green Apple, pesto for pasta, cucumber, and Goat Cheese Ravioli (on hand!) from the Grocery store: $10.00

TOTAL SPENT: $19.00 (under budget by $6.00!!)

With the decorations, I hang them in the play area of the family room, one on the front door, and one on the command center wall. My oldest really enjoys that the decorations change for each holiday. The magnets I place on my kids magnet board and they can interact with them. I have a set for most every holiday and when there is not a holiday taking place I put the Melissa and Doug Magnet Sets out (you can buy them here).

On the actual holiday we get the bead necklaces out to wear during meal time.

For dinner I kept it simple:

  • Green apple cut up
  • a choice of either avocado mac n cheese OR pesto pasta- we chose Pesto Pasta
  • cucumber and greek yogurt/dill dip
  • Goat Cheese Ravioli with Parmesan

It was a simple, but fun celebration. I cannot wait to try something new next year! How did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your household?


Looking for a fun art project to complete with your kids? Check out this Shamrock Art Project. It is super easy and lots of fun.

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