Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Kids

In contrast to the traditional revelry often associated with St. Patrick’s Day, our family has chosen to infuse this holiday with a more family-centered and budget-friendly spirit. With little ones under our roof, we’ve crafted a celebration that prioritizes engaging activities, creative decorations, and delicious yet simple meals, all while sticking to a modest budget of $25.00. Here’s how we transformed our home into a festive haven for St. Patrick’s Day without breaking the bank:


Our decorations were a blend of creativity and affordability. From the Dollar Tree, we snagged shamrocks, hats, and leprechauns to adorn our walls, adding a touch of Irish charm to our living space. These decorations, totaling just $4.00, were not only budget-friendly but also reusable, making them a sustainable choice for future celebrations. Additionally, we invested $3.00 in three sets of magnets from Dollar Tree, which became a source of endless entertainment for our kids on their Ikea magnet learning board. The colorful magnets not only provided interactive fun but also served as a subtle educational tool. Completing our decor ensemble were bead necklaces, another Dollar Tree find at $2.00, which added a festive touch to our attire during mealtime.

  • shamrocks, hats, and leprechauns to be hung on the wall: $4.00 total from Dollar Tree (reusable)
  • 3 sets of magnets for my children’s Ikea magnet learning board: $3.00 from Dollar Tree (reusable)
  • Beads to wear: $2.00 from the Dollar Tree (reusable)


No celebration is complete without delicious food, and our St. Patrick’s Day menu was both simple and satisfying. A trip to the grocery store yielded green apples, pesto for pasta, cucumber, and Goat Cheese Ravioli, all totaling $10.00. These ingredients formed the basis of our festive meal, offering a balance of flavors and textures that appealed to both kids and adults alike.

  • Green Apple, pesto for pasta, cucumber, and Goat Cheese Ravioli (on hand!) from the Grocery store: $10.00

TOTAL SPENT: $19.00 (under budget by $6.00!!)

For dinner, I kept it simple:

  • Green apple cut up
  • a choice of either avocado mac n cheese OR pesto pasta- we chose Pesto Pasta
  • cucumber and Greek yogurt/dill dip
  • Goat Cheese Ravioli with Parmesan

Total Spent: With careful planning and budget-conscious choices, we managed to stay comfortably under budget, spending only $19.00 for our entire celebration, leaving us with a surplus of $6.00 for future festivities.

As we adorned our family room with colorful decorations, our oldest child eagerly assisted, reveling in the excitement of transforming our home for the holiday. The magnetic board became a hub of activity as our kids arranged and rearranged the magnets, creating their own whimsical scenes inspired by the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. The bead necklaces added a playful touch to our mealtime, sparking laughter and smiles as we indulged in our simple yet satisfying dinner spread.

Our St. Patrick’s Day celebration was a testament to the joy of family-centered festivities, proving that memorable moments can be created without extravagant expenses. As we bid farewell to this year’s celebration, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to explore new traditions and activities in the years to come.

It was a simple, but fun celebration. I cannot wait to try something new next year! How did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your household?


For families seeking additional ways to infuse creativity into their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, we recommend trying out the Shamrock Art Project. This engaging activity promises hours of entertainment and serves as a delightful way to commemorate this special holiday with your little: Check out this Shamrock Art Project. It is super easy and lots of fun.

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