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Great cleaning hacks to save you money.

5 Dollar Store Home Cleaning Hacks

Everyone needs to buy (or make!) supplies to clean their house. But if you are anything like me, cleaning is not not your favorite past time, it truly can be a chore. Pun intended! 🙂 I took a recent took another look at my cleaning costs. I am always looking for ways to cut my […] Read more…

Summer Beach Survival Guide with Kids

Summer Beach Survival Guide

Going to the beach can be a fun trip for the entire family. But beach survival for an entire day, or in my case an entire week with kids, depends on having the right plan in place and the right tools to make it a memorable day. To some without kids or with teenagers and […] Read more…

Free Printable Simple Habit Tracker top help you keep track of all your micro goals. Use it to track water intake, taking you vitamins,or your daily walk.

Habit Tracker- Simple Way to Keep Good Habits

My life sometimes feels like one to do list after another. Can you relate? But without that written list, I tend to lose focus and forget to do even the small tasks. While I find that lists work really well for the weekly and even monthly To Do’s, they were not really working for my daily […] Read more…

Five Habits that make a working parents life easier

Five Habits that make a Working Parents Life Easier

As a full-time working mom, I get it, it can feel pretty overwhelming when you look at your never-ending to-do list. Maybe you are even feeling like there are never enough hours in a day. I know that feeling, I have been there. What is a working parent to do? The best advice to that […] Read more…

Out of Brown Sugar? Make this simple homemade brown sugar for your banking needs. tastes better than store bought

Homemade Brown Sugar

This time of year, I absolutely love baking. The issue with the marathon baking is that you often run out of ingredients! One way to stop that is to make sure that you have a good stock before you start. I have a great baking pantry list that can help with that. One item that I […] Read more…

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