Saving Money

How to Save Money and Still have Fun With Your Family

Low Cost Fun with Your Family

Low-cost fun for the entire family can sometimes feel like it is hard to achieve. Consider the cost of seeing a family movie, even a matinee can be $7/person. For our family that would be $28. That does not even include the cost of gas to drive there (or public transportation if you live in […] Read more…

Using a simple savings jar to meet your goals!

6 Ways to Save Big with a Simple Savings Jar

A simple glass jar can help you save a lot of money in one year. The savings jar motivates me to stay on a plan. It’s an easy way to put money aside for a vacation or home renovation. Any glass jar will work. It’s important to keep the jar see-through because seeing the money […] Read more…

Learn how to simplify your budget with these 10 strategies

10 Strategies to Simplify Your Budget

Finances have a knack for becoming complicated. For those without formal training, a finance degree, or an accounting degree it can feel next to impossible sometimes! Therefore, one major life-changing strategy is making your budget as simple as possible will allow you to get a better handle on your finances so that you can focus […] Read more…

Saving for Christmas

Christmas Club Accounts: Are They the Best Way to Save for the Holidays?

You might remember your parents (or grandparents) depositing money into a Christmas Club account during your childhood. It was common to make use of these accounts to save money for the holidays. Saving just $5 – $10 a week could add up to a much nicer Christmas. Maybe your parents (or grandparents) were on to […] Read more…

Make Latte's at home with tasty syrup

Make your own Coffee Syrups

One of my biggest (and I will freely admit, costliest) daily habits is my latte habit. I love them, the warm creamy taste that the coffee takes on when you add warm milk, the mixture of vanilla and hazelnut with my espresso… It is the special way I love to start my day and because […] Read more…

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