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Use this crazy simple method to get out from under your credit card debt.

How I Paid Off Over $8,000 in Credit Card Debt

The average American household that carries a credit card balance has over $9.000 in credit card debt. That means that the entire balance is not being paid off each month and that there is accruing interest at upwards of 18%. If you make only the minimum payment it will take you more than a decade […] Read more…

Use these great ideas to cut costs and save a ton of money in your budget. There are even some ideas to make money!

100 PLUS Ways to Save Money and Live Frugally

I recently read an article that said about 40% of Americans are not able to cover one of the basics. That would be food, shelter, transportation. That really blows my mind and it also scares me a little bit. The reality is that most of us are one lost job away from losing everything – […] Read more…

Want to make a little extra money while exercising? Then these two apps are for you! Get paid to exercise.

Apps That Pay You to Exercise

Why is it every time I start an exercise program something gets in the way? Lack of time, motivation, or just the desire to eat ice cream and not be on a diet and exercise program. (Yes, I have all three of those desires almost all the time). But what can help motivate me to […] Read more…

What are sinking funds and why you need them in your life to meet your savings and financial goals.

Why You Need Sinking Funds In Your Life

One thing that terrifies me is not having funds to cover large expenses like annual home insurance payments, new tires for the cars, and all the other big ticket items that I know I will have to pay. In comes Sinking Funds to the rescue! Learn what a sinking fund is, how to calculate the […] Read more…

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