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Using a simple savings jar to meet your goals!

6 Ways to Save Big with a Simple Savings Jar

A simple glass jar can help you save a lot of money in one year. The savings jar provides motivation to stay on a plan. It’s an easy way to put money aside for a vacation or home renovation.   Any glass jar will work. It’s important to keep the jar see-through because seeing the […] Read more…

Learn how to simplify your budget with these 10 strategies

10 Strategies to Simplify Your Budget

Finances have a knack for becoming complicated. For those without formal training, a finance degree, or an accounting degree it can feel next to impossible sometimes! Therefore, one major life-changing strategy is making your budget as simple as possible will allow you to get a better handle on your finances so that you can focus […] Read more…

Saving for Christmas

Christmas Club Accounts: Are They the Best Way to Save for the Holidays?

You might remember your parents (or grandparents) depositing money into a Christmas Club account during your childhood. It was common to make use of these accounts to save money for the holidays. Saving just $5 – $10 a week could add up to a much nicer Christmas. Maybe your parents (or grandparents) were on to […] Read more…

Save your Hard Earned Money This Christmas

7 Tips For Staying Under Budget This Christmas

It’s that time of the year again! The season when we all get to celebrate with our loved ones. And what better way to celebrate than with a little bit of shopping? However, spending too much this Christmas can be an expensive affair if you aren’t careful.  You must keep an eye on your spending […] Read more…

How to Save Money When Packing School Lunches

School Lunch Savings – Tips for 2023

It is back to school time already and that means getting a plan in place to pack lunches and for some, like me, snacks. This can be especially stressful, and worse than that, costly if you do not have a good plan in place! This post takes a look at school lunch savings ideas that […] Read more…

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