Tasty Summer Smoothies to Try

Three Tasty Summer Smoothies

Summer is almost here and for my family that means we are on the go a lot more. Not being at home makes it hard to get a healthy meal in. So I will make one of these smoothies for the family for a breakfast, lunch or filling snack on the go. These tasty summer […] Read more…

Make your own Cranberry Lime Vodka, makes a great holiday gift for friends and family

Homemade Cranberry Lime Vodka

Cranberry Lime Vodka is an awesome last-minute gift that you can make and still give this year! It is sure to keep the person who receives it toasty warm. It takes a maximum of 10 minutes to make and a minimum of 2 days to infuse. What could be easier? You just set it and […] Read more…

Make these delicious homemade Candied Almonds today. they make a great gift.

Candied Almonds- Easy Holiday Gift

Candied almonds, or cinnamon sugar almonds as some people call them, are one of my absolute favorite treats to make during the holiday season. They are simple to make, with less than 20 minutes work time. They taste amazing! The house smells delicious while you make them. I love the blend of cinnamon, sugar and […] Read more…

Out of Brown Sugar? Make this simple homemade brown sugar for your banking needs. tastes better than store bought

Homemade Brown Sugar

This time of year, I absolutely love baking. The issue with the marathon baking is that you often run out of ingredients! One way to stop that is to make sure that you have a good stock before you start. I have a great baking pantry list that can help with that. One item that I […] Read more…

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