Spring Cleaning Complete Home Checklist- easy way to track your progress

Spring Cleaning Complete Home Checklist

~Updated for 2024 With spring right around the corner and winter soon to be a distant memory, it is time for the dreaded Spring Cleaning. I have always dreaded spring cleaning. I mean I am not going to lie, while I like things to be organized, I am pretty chill about the house being super […] Read more…

Repurpose Oui jars in many ways

Oui Jars – Simple Ways to Repurpose Them

Do you absolutely love keeping every cute glass jar you come across? I have to say I am totally addicted to keeping them! Even if I cannot figure out how to use it. ? My motto is: Hey you can always sell it! One of my absolute favorite jars lately is those adorable Oui Jars. […] Read more…

Use these simple tools to clean and organize your play room without breaking your budget.

Play Room Dollar Store Organization Hacks

One big challenge in keeping your home clutter under control is keeping the play room toys at bay. In our home, we actually have a room that doubles as the play room and the family room. Since we have younger kids, we like to keep a bit of a better eye on them. ๐Ÿ™‚ But […] Read more…

Clear your Clutter with 30 minutes in 30 days De-Cluttering Challenge

30 Minutes for 30 Days De-cluttering Challenge

~ Updated for 2019 Papers, empty boxes, broken toys, old electronics, clothes you no longer wear, magazines, broken crayons, cords that you have no idea what it goes too, old shoes that you can no longer wear….. for some reason clutter and a culture of buying things we think we need has become a way […] Read more…

Simple ways to repurpose your bonne maman jars

Bonne Maman Jars- How to Repurpose

I am a total sucker for an adorable glass jar and the Bonne Maman jars are at the top of that list! They have wonderful tablecloth like lids in red or blue or purple. I love the sizes they come in from their tiny travel jars to the full size, perfect for a drinking cup. […] Read more…

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