I am a total sucker for an adorable glass jar and the Bonne Maman jars are at the top of that list! They have wonderful tablecloth like lids in red or blue or purple. I love the sizes they come in from their tiny travel jars to the full size, perfect for a drinking cup. They are so versatile and I am absolutely in LOVE with them. I get totally geeked about upcycling items!

The best part of reusing items is that you save money and the planet. A bonus for me is that if one breaks I am less sad since it was a repurposed jar.

Three simple ways to repurpose those cute Bonne Maman Jars

Once I ate the yummy jam (or honey), I soaked the jars in really hot water, and the labels peeled off. Afterward, I used a cloth with some rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining residue from the sticker label. I found that these labels come off easier than other labels. That is a nice bonus.

The next three ideas are the first things that I actually used these perfectly sized jars for. They are very simple ideas and take almost no time. If you decided to decorate the jars then that will increase the time, but not too much. They would be super cute with Washi Tape, painted, modge podge, or spray paint with that cool mercury glass spray.

Bonne Maman Jars as Simple Candle Holders

Another great way to repurpose these jars is to use them as candle holders at the table or in your bedroom.

The simplest way to use these jars is to take the label off and put a tea light candle in it. If you do not want to light an actual candle you can get these awesome flicker-free candles. I use real tea lights, but the sky is the limit on what you might include at the bottom of the jar, small pebbles, or those cool glass stones from the dollar store.  Another awesome idea is to put coffee beans at the bottom. If you use real candles the room will smell like coffee. If coffee is not your jam, that is OK! there are plenty of other ways to jazz up your candle holder. I personally like simplicity. Mainly because I just do not have the time to make elaborate things! That is a side effect of having small kids.


Bonne Maman Jars are Perfect for Mini Storage

Your home office will thank you - they are a great way to upcycle these adorable jars

These jars are awesome to store crayons, buttons, or anything else that you want to keep in a beautiful jar so you can display it on a shelf. I use them to store my kid’s crayons and buttons for their counting and matching games. There are a ton more items that the jars are a perfect size to store. 

They are the best size for arts and craft storage.


Make it your Spice Rack

Some spices are bigger than others – think Cinnamon sticks, Hazelnuts, and Star Anise. Bonne Maman jars are perfect for these types of spices. I also love using them for my homemade Taco seasoning, and other spice rubs. Not only it is pretty, but it seals nicely!

You can even make a seasoning rub, cinnamon sugar, vanilla sugar, or lime salt and give it as a DIY holiday gift.

Bonne Maman jars make great spice storage jars for home or gifts


Other Ways to Reuse Bonne Maman Jars

Looking for more awesome ideas to use these really cute Bonne Maman Jam and Honey Jars? Below is a list of 28 simple ideas to reuse your Bonne Maman Jars. PLUS a few more ideas for the adorable mini Bonne Maman jars! Make what you want with them. ❤❤❤

Simple uses for Bonne Maman Jars (once they are clean and de-labeled, unless you prefer to keep the label of course?)

  1. Salad Holder
  2. Cup
  3. Desert Jar
  4. Flower Jar
  5. Plant Holder
  6. Hanging Candle Jar
  7. Candle
  8. Candle Holder (Votive or tea light)
  9. Soap Dispenser
  10. Gift Jar (Vanilla Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar, Vanilla Salt, Garlic Salt, Coffee Syrup)
  11. Button Jar
  12. Office Supply Jar
  13. Candy Jar
  14. Storage (Q-Tips, cotton balls)
  15. Salt / Spice Holder
  16. Dry Food Storage
  17. Salad Dressing Jar
  18. Granola Jar (could make a good gift)
  19. sewing kit
  20. hot chocolate mix
  21. yogurt and fruit jars
  22. cookie jar
  23. homemade jam
  24. tooth fairy jar
  25. tooth-brush holder
  26. pen holder
  27. simmer pot jars
  28. cinnamon sugar almonds

Ideas for the Bonne Maman Mini Jars

  1. lip balm
  2. advent calendar
  3. travel jar for spreads, honey, spices, salt, pepper, etc
  4. salt and pepper jars for home (Poke holes in the lids)
  5. mini candles
  6. ornaments / mini snow globes

There are SO many awesome ideas to reuse Bonne Maman jars. These are just a few simple ideas to get you started. There are many to choose from and that is the best part of these versatile jars. They are one of the best to upcycle and repurpose. 

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over 20 simple ways to reuse and repurpose your empty Bonne Maman jars


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