If you are not an avid baker you might not realize how useful this Baking Conversion Table can be in your kitchen. Most recipes in the States are in US measurements, however, it is WAY more accurate to use the Metric system to bake. The one important rule in baking is to follow the recipe and BE PRECISE.

To do that converting your US measurements into Metric will make your recipe more exact. But that can be a pain. So with this really handy chart hanging up you will not have to stop and look up each conversions online!

A bonus, is if you have a recipe that is in Metric and you want to convert it to the US measurement system- say because your measurement tools are not in Metric. Now you can use any recipe you find online, no matter where it is from!

This Baking Conversion Table can help in a pinch when you may need to make a quick conversion from Metric to US and vice versa. This simple tool is worth saving, whether you print it or not, pin it to your Pinterest board and save it for later!

You can download the free printable here: Baking Conversion Table

This is what the printable will look like. Put it in a frame and hang it in your kitchen. You could put it next to this other Kitchen Cheat Sheet, they make a super useful pair.
Baking Conversion Table- Free Printable for your kitchen



Free Printable Baking Conversion Sheet to make any baking conversions a breeze


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