Why is it every time I start an exercise program something gets in the way? Lack of time, motivation, or just the desire to eat ice cream and not be on a diet and exercise program. (Yes, I have all three of those desires almost all the time). But what can help motivate me to stick to it? Besides the ultimate goal of losing weight and feeling healthier? I can tell you what did motivate me – earning cold hard cash, just from walking and exercising. Here are the best 2 apps for making money to exercise.

One of the best ways for me to get my butt moving literally is to make a game out of it. A really close second is getting paid to do it. This may be hard to believe but there are apps out there that will pay you to work out!

So, I decided to try out these apps that pay you and make a game out of it. That way I would hopefully trick myself into continuing to exercise, hopefully lose some weight and make some money in the process.

The Best 2 Apps to Make Money from Exercising

What apps did I try? I currently use 2 different apps, but I tried 4 in total. The two that I still use, I felt gave me the most benefit. Not only motivation, but moola. These apps are sure to help you too!

One thing I want to note, these are not going to supplement your income by any means. This is more useful to help with a little extra motivation to take more steps and be healthier. That is the true reward!


Achievement is an app that pays you to work out but it also pays you for answering questions, taking surveys and sharing your positive health experiences. You can complete that in the app or on their website. That is a total plus in my mind. Making money for exercise with this app is super easy. Just link your work out device, in my case a Fitbit.

Apps can help you exercise and make a little extra money.

This app allows you to earn points in several ways.

  • 80 points / day for each type of activity tracked (biking, walking, running, swimming, etc)
  • 6 points / day for daily activities, up to 5 max (logging food, sleep tracking, weighing, meditation, using twitter to talk about your health journey and more)
  • Bonus offers found on the Offers tab in the app or on the website. This includes surveys, health programs, research studies.


  • The app is easy to use. I take a quick 2 second survey and earn points most days.
  • It links with 22 different apps to track your exercise and food logging, including – Fitbit, the mapmy apps, google fit, Garmin, Misfit, MyFitnessPal and more.
  • Offers positive reinforcement for healthy activities
  • Earn points for the highest value activity recorded on a day – so if your Fitbit records more steps than Apple Health, you get the higher total.
  • Pays $10 for every 10,000 points you earn
  • Points do not expire and can be paid in multiple ways – PayPal, giftrocket, or even donating your rewards

A Pro of the app is that it allows you to connect to many other apps. Making it easier to make a extra money.


  • Takes a while to earn rewards, but if you really do put in the time each day you will and the real reward is losing weight, getting healthier, and toning your body!
  • Can take a few hours for your data to sync

Overall it is a nice app that is simple to use and you get paid to just walk and answer questions. Will you get rich, no, but you will get rewarded for being healthier!

Want to give Achievement a try? Here is the link to sign up for free (affiliate): http://tinyurl.com/y3foga85


This app is quite simple in that it tracks your steps through your Fitbit app. It comes up with a step goal for the day. There is not really a good website to utilize for earning points, although there is a site. If you are looking for a very easy way to earn then this is it. Make money just for taking steps in your day. I walk and at the end of the day I sync my Fitbit to my Fitbit app and then open Carrot and the points I earned are instantly there.

Carrot has a simple interface which makes it easy to see what you are earning.

You can earn in only 2 ways:

  • The app gives you 1 Goal Coin for each day you make your step goal. Goal coins can be used to make bets. For example, I can use 2 Goal Coins to complete the Double Your Points Challenge. That allows me to double whatever I make from my daily steps.
  • In addition to that you earn 1 Carrot Reward Point for each step that you take. You can earn up to 10,000 a day.


  • Really simple to use, only 2 ways to earn so if you like uncomplicated, then this is the app for you
  • If you want the premium app you can actually use your Reward Points to buy, rather than money! But it is only for 7 days if you use 50,000 Reward Points and 1 Month if you use 6 Goal Coins
  • The app syncs quickly, data does not take long to show up – almost real time as long as you sync with your Fitbit app
  • Offers positive reinforcement for healthy activities
  • Rather than trying to bank a ton of coin you can use the auction to bid on cards and pay less than the value of the card


  • Only uses Fitbit for now
  • Does not have a ton of extra ways to obtain points
  • Have to have a ton of points or pay for the monthly premium membership to outright buy a smaller denomination gift card

Overall it is a nice app that is super simple to use. But to really unlock rewards and have access to prizes you have to pay for Premium. That is $2.99/month or meeting your goal for 6 days then using 6 Goal Coins to purchase. So, this app as a free app is limited. But, I do find that I take more steps, even using the free version and have made a few gift cards along the way.

Earning is simple and although you get more with Premium membership, you can even pay for that with steps.


this app offers cool extras to allow you to earn more money, faster.

Want to give Carrot? Here is the link to sign up for free (affiliate): https://carrot.app.link/ZXwfK18WjV

Make Money Exercising

With just these two apps you can make a decent amount of extra cash just by walking and exercising. They are both free to try and I would recommend you do. Even though the reality is that you will not make $100 dollars a month you can definitely make something and get fit doing it.

Want to give Achievement a try? Here is the link to sign up for free (affiliate): http://tinyurl.com/y3foga85

Want to give Carrot? Here is the link to sign up for free (affiliate): https://carrot.app.link/ZXwfK18WjV

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Looking to make a little money and get fitter? These apps will pay you to exercise.


Need some inspiration on a walking or running program? Check out my posts on Walking to Lose Weight or my 8 Week Walk to Run program! You can do this and you can earn extra cash while exercising!! 

Use this simple to follow walking program to start your weightloss journey.


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