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Papers, empty boxes, broken toys, old electronics, clothes you no longer wear, magazines, broken crayons, cords that you have no idea what it goes too, old shoes that you can no longer wear….. for some reason clutter and a culture of buying things we think we need has become a way of life for many. Myself included!

Living with so much STUFF drove me crazy. So I decided to go on a huge de-cluttering our living space journey. Since that is a pretty big goal, I might even call it a stretch goal, I broke it down into 30-day blocks. Doing small actionable steps is the way to get a big project done. Smaller steps break up the medium steps and the medium steps break up the HUGE steps that you do not think you can make.

The first round of de-cluttering is set up to only take 30 minutes a day. It comes with a free printable calendar to follow along with. This de-cluttering challenge month is not a deep dive. It is quick, surgical strikes to clear clutter. Spend a small amount of time each day in different areas of your home. The idea is short, determined bursts, which will hopefully keep you from getting overwhelmed and burned out. Which will allow you to make some much needed headway into the clutter crisis! If  you make it easier to meet your first de-cluttering challenge goal, then you will have a better chance of making it a habit. If it becomes a habit you will succeed at it! From there you are more likely to keep de-cluttering. Plus, it just feels good to accomplish a large task by starting out small.

The best part of this kind of clutter clearing action can be done as maintenance. I actually go back and do this clutter challenge about once a quarter to maintain all the great work our family did! Once you have completed this challenge you can move through the other challenges for each room that are a deep dive into clearing unwanted items. Then, once that is all done and you are where you want to be, start maintaining what you have by using this de-cluttering challenge over and over. It makes it so simple to keep your home the way you want!

If you are anything like me you might take a look around your house and say, how in the heck did we get all this STUFF?!?!! If you have kids it could be even worse. Babies seem to have so much stuff and it does not get better from there. Unless you stop it!!

You also might be asking yourself, Sara I do have a lot of stuff, but why get rid of it? Is it really that bad to have so much clutter?

De-Cluttering is Good for the Soul

Clutter is bad for your physical and mental health. In fact, clutter can be a fire hazard. I can cause dust, mold, and animal dander that collect on the clutter causing more trouble for allergy and asthma sufferers. If you search for articles on clutter and health. there are plenty of people who believe that it can cause depression, weight gain (or stop you from losing weight), and a host of other issues.

Truthfully before we de-cluttered our space I had trouble concentrating and finding what I needed. I often would end up buying something we needed for a project that we already had, but I was not able to locate. So beyond reclaiming your home space, de-cluttering can also help clear your mind space. Once you have done that, it is easier to see things more clearly, let go of the past or future and live in the now.

De-Clutter your home in 30 minutes for 30 days!

De-cluttering Can Make you Money

If keeping your sanity is not reason enough to get you to start clearing the clutter in your home, then maybe cold hard cash will? One of the best reasons to de-clutter your home is that you can make money off of the unwanted items!

This is probably one of the best parts of organizing and de-cluttering your home, the money you can make selling the items you no longer need.  There are plenty of places to sell them. One of the best with no cost, to sell is mom to mom groups on Facebook. Those groups are gold. You can list a few items at a time or all of it at once, there is no limit in most groups (just make sure you follow the rules of the group you join!) and schedule a meet to trad the item for cash. This is one of my favorite ways to sell unwanted items in good condition.

Think last years baby boots, Christmas dress, the pack n play you no longer use, the sky is the limit on this one. Of course there are other ways to sell your clutter, which I have listed below.

I have used all the ways listed below. Each has its own pros and cons. I would start with the M2M group and if that does not work, think about trying a garage sale. As both of those options do not have any cash cost associated with it. The others you will pay a small fee to list or receive money (PayPal) into your account.

Sell your unwanted items and turn it into cold, hard, cash!

Places to Sell your Items:

  • Mom to Mom groups on Facebook
  • Ebay
  • LetGo app
  • Decluttr app
  • Craigslist
  • Freecycle.org
  • Bonanza
  • Consignment Shops
  • Have a Garage Sale

Tips for De-Cluttering

  1. Before starting find five bins/baskets or set spaces and label them as:
    • Keep;
    • Toss;
    • Donate;
    • Recycle;
    • Sell
  2. Set a timer and work without stopping while completing each de-cluttering challenge
  3. Get your significant other and/or kids to pitch in! Make it a family affair.
  4. Make decisions quickly. If you have not used the item in over 6 months and it is not seasonal or highly sentimental, then toss, donate or sell it!

Here is a great free printable de-clutter checklist so you can track your daily progress and check it off when you have completed it! Just click on the link below and download the PDF. it is so simple to use, just check the box when you are done with that days task. I keep mine on the fridge to remind me to do this simple, but powerful activity.

30 minutes a day for 30 days de-cluttering challenge

De-Cluttering Challenge #1: 30 Minutes a Day for 30 Days

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE PRINTABLE: 30 Minutes in 30 Days- Declutter Challenge

30 Minutes in 30 Days De-Cluttering Challenge

Here is what 30 minutes in 30 days will cover. It is a lot of ground, but it is SO worth it, as you can literally make money from cleaning your home! If you do not get to every item that you want to, DO NOT WORRY, this is meant to get the ball rolling and grab the low hanging fruit (by that I mean clearing the easier clutter!). Once you have gotten the challenge down, move to the deeper dive, room by room challenges listed at the bottom.

  • Day 1: Refrigerator
  • Day 2: Linen Closet
  • Day 3: Cleaning Cabinet (Kitchen / Bathroom)
  • Day 3: Pantry
  • Day 4: Magazines / Books
  • Day 5: Dining Room Table
  • Day 6: Hall Table / Mail
  • Day 7: Freezer
  • Day 8: CDs / DVDs
  • Day 9: Junk Drawer
  • Day 10: Medicine Cabinet
  • Day 11: Laundry Area
  • Day 12: Nightstands / End Tables
  • Day 13: Chest of Drawers
  • Day 14: Your Choice
  • Day 15: Shoes
  • Day 16: Hall Closet / Coat Closet
  • Day 17: Socks / Underwear
  • Day 18: Kitchen Drawers
  • Day 19: Kitchen Cabinets
  • Day 20: Desk Drawers
  • Day 21: Top of the Desk / Shelves
  • Day 22: Jewelry Accessories
  • Day 23: Playroom
  • Day 24: Family Room
  • Day 25: Computer
  • Day 26: Email
  • Day 27: Phone
  • Day 28: Car
  • Day 29: Your Choice

Again, in case you missed it! You can find the free printable so you can track your daily progress and check it off when you have completed it! Just click on the link below and download the PDF.

30 minutes a day for 30 days de-cluttering challenge

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE PRINTABLE: 30 Minutes in 30 Days- Declutter Challenge

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De-clutter your home in 30 minutes and 30 days with this free printable checklist and calendar.



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