20 Ideas for screen-free Quality Family Time

There are a ton of studies out there that say that quality family time matters over quantity. In my mind that means not sitting mindlessly in front of a TV, IPad, or Phone (although I love that too!). I get it, as parents, sometimes we are just trying to SURVIVE. So handing your kid an IPad just so you can have a moment of peace has to happen. I. GET. IT. We have all been there and I am not judging at all!!

But sometimes Mama, we have to find another way to spend time with our kids, something that excludes technology. Unplugging is good for you and for them. In those cases, these simple ideas will come in handy!!

You may not have a ton of time to complete an activity and each of these activities on the list below vary from a few minutes all the way up to a whole day. Just do what you have time to do!

I try to spend non-screen time with my kids as often as I can. It is a rule in our house that we do that before bed, in the from of reading books.

Sometimes it can be a struggle to come up with ideas for activities to do. Below is a short list of some of my favorite activities to do with my family that do not involve TV or Movies or technology at all. I hope you enjoy sharing these activities with your loved ones as much as I do! Enjoy and make it a great day.

20 Awesome Ideas for Family Time

  1. Make a meal together
  2. Play a game together
  3. Take a family walk/hike
  4. Go to the park and have a picnic
  5. Complete an art project together
  6. Read a chapter book out loud to each other
  7. Complete a DIY project together
  8. Play soccer together
  9. Go to a museum for science, hands-on, or art, for example
  10. Plant a garden together
  11. Write a story together
  12. Pick fruit together and make jam or applesauce
  13. Bake cookies or a cake
  14. Have a discussion together
  15. Visit the zoo
  16. Visit the beach
  17. Watch a sunset together
  18. Go to an outdoor concert or play
  19. Work on a photo collage for a blank wall in the house
  20. Learn a hobby together


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20 awesome ideas for quality family time which do not include screen time!

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